Name: Tyler
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tyler is pretty average looking, with no features that really stand out. His hair is light brown that is so short that you could almost say he's bald. He's not the most athletic person but isn't weak either. His height is about 5' 9'' so he is a little taller than most kids his age. He wears blue jeans and a green shirt, along with his watch on his left wrist and his blue cap. His sneakers are white. You could consider him an average 15 year old.
Personality: Tyler's personality is one people may call a little awkward. He has a very nice personality, but can easily be persuaded, usually by his NetNavi. He will never do anything mean like make fun of people or get angry at someone for doing something he disagrees with. When he thinks something is wrong or doesn't feel right, he'll try to keep it to himself and not say anything, but the look of distress on his face can easily be seen. When his NetNavi, family, or his friends are in danger, he will step up to the plate. He becomes a whole new person at this point. He will try as hard as he can to solve the problem even if it means using force. He may not be strong, but he can fight. He uses techniques he learned in karate when he was 10. Tyler's relationship with his family is good. The most important thing to him in the world is family, and will do anything for them.
PET Modifications: Tyler's Pet is Black with Grey Highlights. It has a red logo of a flame on the back.