Name: Atsui Bouya
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a rather casual wardrobe. His head has a black baseball cap on top, accompanied by his black hair underneath and sticking out the back. He has deep, blue eyes, and usually has a calm expression on his face. On his torso, he has a semi-dark yellow shirt, with an olive green vest (unzipped) over it. On his hands, he wears the neat little fingerless gloves cause they look cool. The gloves are black. He wears typical jeans, which are just a bit too big and bunch up around his ankles. He wears sneakers that are the same color as his vest; olive green.

Personality: He is very calm, and doesn't like to delve into things without thinking first. He is kind though, and does like to investigate. He doesn't mind it when people butt into buisness, but when they strart messing with it is when he gets angry. He also prefers to bust alone, for fear that his own navi could do something drastic and end up doing what he did a long time ago...

PET Modifications: The pet is totally white, with black around the rim. On either side of the PET's screen are a black angel wing (left) and a white wing on the other side. (right)