Name: Zanallen "Zan" Espial

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zanallen is slightly above average height, around 6'2, and he weighs around 215lbs. His police training has left him toned and athletic, with a defined muscle tone though not overly bulky. He has jet black hair that he wears short, just a few inches on top with trimmed sides and back, that he generally slicks back. He rarely bothers to shave and can usually be found with a light layer of stubble. His eyes are a brilliant blue that hold a deep warmth, despite the chill aspects of his job. Zan still sticks to his GQ wardrobe, preferring to wear silk shirts in dark colors and black slacks. He sports a pair of black loafers and generally wears a black overcoat over his clothes. He carries his detective badge in his inner coat pocket. Around Zan's neck, he wears his signature necklace, a small silver sword-shaped pendant.

Personality: Zan is generally a nice guy. In his youth he had wanted to be a teacher and had spent much of his life working toward that goal. However, seven years ago, events in the Net world caused him to alter his goals in life. Now Zan works as a Detective for the NetPolice, deciding to spend his life helping others along with his Navi, Runeknight. Zan still believes whole-heartedly in the aspects of honor and chivalry and stands by these concepts no matter the situation that he is faced with. This is part of the reason that he gets along so well with his Navi and also the reason that he is still single...Women don't fall for the nice guy. Still, Zan lives his life as well he might, doing what he can to aid those he can.

PET Modifications: A simple PET design with a black and cobalt color scheme.