Appearance:Rich is a changed man. He has dark oak brown hair with white sections accumulated from stress and many a late night. His face is slightly less rounded than before with less tone than before, all though it is stil redder than before. his eyes are still hawk brown, although darker. His ears have not changed, still small, semi-detacthed and similar to the lobster in shade. He is a hell of a lot more muscly from before(keeping his rugby player build), hands slightly red. Sometimes you can see red. He now dons a night black suite blazer and matching trousers with his symbol (A moon with a knife in front of it with a black background) on the hankey pocket. The shirt he wears underneath is moon white with a shadow coloured tie. He also has snake-suit esque black polished shoes. Sometimes he dons a big white shirt and a pair of black jeans.

Personality:Rich was origonally a slightly-jokey scary guy with a positive outlook. Since, he has changed lsightly, sort of developing a Dual-personality. Keeping his old personality, he has also can become pessamistic and cold at times. However, he stills enjoys a good laugh now and then.

PET Modifications:
-Navi creator:A device used to create navis. He can use this to beta test navi designs and have the navis no memory of it.