Name: Shin Hagate
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: An asian very plain and small kid with light skin. So plain in fact, that many don't even notice him when he's around. He has brown eyes and black hair that stands up in a "long" (almost an inch) buzz cut. Boring.
Personality: A very nice but very shy kid. He's very modest and has gotten totaly used to being ignored. One good thing is that he is quite persistant when he sets his mind to something. He's very easily pleased and quite suseptible to most things.
PET Modifications: His PET has a white paintjob with a blue stripe pattern. It straps to his arm with the help of some white leather velcro straps coming from the bottom side of the PET. The PET is more "streamline" with a shrunken rounded design and slightly simplified controls/display.