Name: Nick Xero
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nick Xero looks like an average business man. He wears a blue jacket suit with a row of blue buttons running down it. Underneath that he wears a white shirt of which only the collar is visible. He wears a pair of matching trousers, also blue. His whole suit is always neat in appearance, never dirty or wrinkled. He has jet black hair arranged in no particular fashion. His eyes are a light, misty blue.

Personality: Nick Xero has a very outgoing personality. He enjoys socializing with others. Oddly enough for someone of his stature, he enjoys NetBattling with both friends and strangers. He also has an admirable sense of justice and helps out whenever he can.

PET Modifications: The PET is painted silver with black splotches here and there. IT also is modified so the user can see what the Navi can see from a first-person perspective.