Name: Cid McKnight
Appearance: Cid is short for his age of 11. His hair is light brown at the tips but transitions into a silvery gray towards the roots. His brilliantly blue eyes always have a glazed over look, and never seem to look you in the eye. His skin is an unhealthy pale color due to his long hours of isolation and his thin frame shivers in even the slightest breeze.

Personality: Cid suffers from a critical social phobia. Though naturally a kind and charismatic person, he has a crippling shyness, panicking around new people or large groups. He will mumble on the rare occasion when he will speak to others, and even then it's seldom more then a few words. He avoids confrontation and will passively go along with others tell him to do, regardless of how he feels. Beneath his shy exterior, he longs to have friends and no longer fear to speak his mind. Cid excels at darts, having spent hours alone playing every day for years. He could do very well playing darts professionally, if he could ever build up the nerve to enter a tournament.

PET Modifications: Custom program to calculate trajectories