Name: Cindy Wen

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cindy has light brown hair, blue eyes, and light-white skin. She is more or less what you would expect a typical elementary school girl to look like. She usually like playing dress up, she commonly dresses up as a movie star or a princess, usually wearing white, since it reflects her personality. She also carries around a handbag that holds the object that she is unable to carry with her arms or on any other sort of holding device. Usually these objects include food, money, drinks, and tools. Even when she doesn't dress to match it, Cindy always wears a pearl necklace that glitters in the bright sun. The necklace string is silvery, and it is usually a bright and happy trinket to behold. Due to all the white and silvery objects that Cindy usually wears, it sometimes takes a while to be able to focus on her figure due to all the light reflecting off her clothes.

Personality: Cindy is Timid, but she is very bright. Once in a while she may show a very angry side, but usually she enjoys the company of others. Cindy is, to say, a neutral party at everything, her white clothes reflect that. Although she is good at heart, she usually always looks at two sides of a situation, even if the side is more or less dark and grim. Cindy is a believer that as long as light exists, even in the most shy form, it can light up the most grim of darkness and despair. Cindy also has a great emotional attachment to her NAVI, Rainbowkid, who's very name brings out innocence in one's mind. Rainbowkid is more or less the digital form of her beliefs. Cindy loves talking with others, despite the fact she has a very quiet voice. Although with her personality, some people sometimes wonder why she netbattles so much, since she seemed to be against the destruction of others. What can you say? She is still young, and she still has much to learn.

PET Modifications: Cindy's PET is silver-white with an auto chip-storing case on bottom that is just to keep chips handy at all times. She also has a search program that is more or less useless in battle and just makes exploring the cybernetic world with Rainbowkid much easier. Cindy's PET also attaches to her wrist so she doesn't have to hold on to it all the time. It is easily removable with a couple buttons press and such, but usually very secure otherwise.