Operator: Roy L. Steams

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Quite tall, easily the tallest in his age group. Dark green hair sits untidily combed upon his wide crown, alongside short, average looking ears. A pair of circle, shaded glasses dominates his eyes, occasionally slipping, much to his annoyance. They contain the latest light-blocking lenses, able to grow dark in sunlight or return to normal inside. Regularly seen wearing a maroon fleece with a "ROCKETSAUCE-4" badge pinned on the lower right pocket. The zip is kept short at the bottom, revealing a light green t-shirt marked with the Bugman symbol through the V-shaped gap and the Japanese kanji symbol for "Dream" just above it. Dark blue trousers with two white stripes down each leg covers his thighs and knees, slightly above his dark, single velcro-strapped shoes. A thin silver chain runs from his fleece collar down to his chest, where it is attached to Bugman's navy-green PET.

Personality: Likes the company of other people, as long as he doesn't have to talk much. Isolating, yet in want of friendship and trust, helping on the battlefield with Bugman as a support navi. Prefers to follow, rather than lead. Kind enough to comrades, incredibly patient and has a soft spot for girls. A recent examination shows his eye-to-brain speed is phenominal, although most other cranium functions tend to be rather slow in comparrison. A favoured hobby of computer games has caused him to be reluctant to expose himself to sunlight. Aspires to become a famous video games designer.

Hit: Cool spots

Miss: Bright sunlight

PET Modifications: Green with a blue trimming. Roy's PET model is integrated into Funtendo's new Dynamic System handheld console. Having all the capabilities of a normal PET, the DS includes a twin-widescreen display with touch and hologram interfaces, a microphone, an 8-cm miniDisc tray, chip and cartridge slots, and plays all his favourite games. The PET folds in two, making it lighter, more compact and easier to carry.