Name: Rumisiel Strahad
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's always wearing a dragon T-shirt of some kind and a trenchcoat that he wears to look cool. His spiky red hair rests on his head above blue eyes and a pair of glasses. His jeans are a little baggy, even for his 6ft 2in frame, but they aren't a problem and his boots keep from them from falling off all the way just in case. His PET can be found in a strap set around his waist.

Personality: Rumisiel is very like his younger brother in reading and ramen loving. His trenchcoat is loaded with books inside because of it. But deep down he's sad alot about how over the past 7 years he's still failed to find what happened to his brother after a short e-mail he sent to Rumisiel asking for help. He's kind and tends to help whoever needs it, but his navi tends to object and it leads to fighting between the two.

PET Modifications: The only modification is that he's removed the shell of the PET and put a see through one in its place.

7 years ago, Rumisiel was enjoying some time off from college when he recieved a e-mail from his younger brother, who was none other than the Fire Hacker, Ash Strahad a.k.a. Kazuki Toyo. Shocked that his brother would contact him, Rumisield knew it was an emergency and opened it immediatly. The e-mail was short, the data badly scarred and jumbled, but with Nulls help he got it to make sense:
"Rumisiel, something bad has happened. Pyreman has...I can't say really. I need to meet you and Null right away. I need Nulls help. Please meet me in ACDC as soon as you can. The address where we meet will be in the next e-mail.
Kazuki Toyo"
Unfortunately the next e-mail never came. Rumisiel worried over the next few weeks until he finally decided to leave the campus and go to ACDC. When he arrived, he began asking around until at the ramen shop a waitress told him he had a envelope for him. Inside lay three Energybomb battlechips, and a letter:
"Sorry I can't meet you. And sorry I can't contact you. The net isn't safe with Pyreman as he is right now. I just hope you came to look for me likw I know you will I you haven't changed. Take these Energybombs of mine as a sorry and just leave this matter alone. I need to do some things before meeting with you. Pyreman-"
The letter became illegible afterwards and Rumisiel sadly pocketed the chips. He switched to an online college to continue his learning while searching and now seven years later he continues the hunt for his brother, with only Null at his side.