Name:Calvin "Cal" Hasha



Appearance:A young boy with black hair and light brown eyes. His bangs abit in his eyes and a small ponytail in the back that contained his small mullet. His skin was abit tanned from getting out more than he used to. He usually wears his usual Dark blue jeans, and black long sleeve shirt with belt around his waist with White shoes.

Height:5.6 Ft.

Weight: 124 Lb.

Personality:Aloof sometimes, Honest, carefree and wild when excited.He's not the most organized person you know nor that punctual. But thats one of the many reasons why He has Pulse.

PET Modifications: a Dark green PET with a infired jack in function on the top. It also has a function that can sense a nearby jack in port within 3 to 5 feet near the PET. Also it has a little handy note function that Pulse and Cal and type in for memos of just plain chatting.