Name: Rafael Larkin

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rafael has long, navy blue hair that goes past his shoulders and wears a muscle shirt with a kind of rip in the middle of the collar, with long pants that are slightly lighter than the top. The main colour on them is black, and they have blue flames on the shirt and leggings. He has a tan skin, and bright blue eyes. He also wears blue gloves, as rather a fashion thing than anything else.


Personality: Rafael can sometimes be full of himself and at other times nervous, but feels the need to be a leader. When he is in "leader mode" he tends to get pigheaded. He had a great relationship with Lavaman, and usually tries to make friends with anyone the same age as himself, especially if they are a lot stronger than himself. He does not overly enjoy giving long explanations to younger, less experienced people.

PET Modifications: A black PET, with am infrared sensor in the top, back and front which helps Lavaman detect his surroundings. On the left side, the side without the handle, there is a small, lidded barrel that stores a pair of earphones in case Lavaman ever wants to talk to Rafael in private.