Name: Silas Lemrock

Age: 64

Gender: Male

Appearance: Not bad for an old-timer. His physique is okay, with a fair bit of muscle, and the fact that he was a state-level wrestler "back in the day" helps. His posture is excellent for a senior, from years of being shaped by very strict parents. His face is wrinkled from age, with a scar across his right cheek. His eyes are a dark blue, almost black, while his hair is white, cut short, and combed. He is usually seen in buisness suits, usually black, but he'll sometimes make exceptions for occasions. On all his belts, there are holsters for both his PET and chip folder.

Personality: Strict, by-the-book, a man of few words, although he usually lightens up around his Navi. He absolutely hates younger people that have no respect for their elders, as well as troublemakers. Despite that, he is one cool granddaddy. He's 'hip' in the technology world, as he has a PET and chip folder of his own. He was once a general for the massive army of Nation Z, but due to an incident regarding his Navi, Phoenix, he was forced to retire, and now lives in ACDC. He's always eager to have a NetBattle with one of his family members, and when not doing that, enjoys busting viruses with his Navi. The only grandfather of Eric Lemrock (my RE:CN character), he considers Eric as 'the good egg in the nest.'

PET Modifications: Link series, reddish-gold, can project holograms of Phoenix, other Navis within a distance of Phoenix, a 3d map of the area (with an icon showing Phoenix's location), or a view through Phoenix's eyes. All holograms can be adjusted in size from the ordinary size most Link PETs can project, to life-sized.
Also, the PET has a massive memory capacity, at least twice the space as a standard PET. This is for Phoenix's 'food'. The 'food' is in fact multiple mutilated Navis, almost all Civilian-class, though a few are Heel-Class, and a small handful are Police and Military-Class. Phoenix amassed this collection over many years before Silas and him moved to ACDC. At any time, Phoenix can summon these living corpses, but can only use them for feeding only, and almost never feeds in battle for fear of getting hit while eating.