Name: Sieg
Age: 16
Gender: male

Appearance: Sieg has
Messy, light brown hair, green eyes, slightly shorter than average. Wears a black, sleeveless, hooded shirt, blue jeans, and ordinary sneakers. He is also wearing a black headscarf that has a skull emblem on the front (which is a memento from his father), to cover up his hair. He has some other clothes (and several other headscarf), but these are the ones he is usually wearing. He is usually also carrying a backpack, in which he keeps his most necessary belongings.

While stubborn, prideful and quiet, Sieg also likes to help people in need. He is a jack of all trades, who has at least basic knowledge in many areas, from IT to mythology. However, the fact that he is often disorganized, lazy and has problems with concentrating on subjects he marks "dull" limits him. He finds it fun to point out ones weakness (be it friend or foe); a trait that made him very unpopular in the dorm. In one word, he's a smartass.

PET Modifications:
A very old, sturdy PET, that is painted black (although, the paint has already came off at some parts, revealing the original white coating). Has speakers installed, but Sieg uses the headphones anyway. "PET of Sieg" was scratched into its back with some kind of tool (scissor?).

Background: Siegs' father left when he was little, and his mother died shortly after he was born. Thus he was brought up in an orphanage, which he escaped only recently. He (an under aged person without any qualifications, and almost zero social skills) grabbed the only job available: customer service. Because PETs are easy to use, calls are rare (but the ones who call are total technophobes, to say the least). His goal is to create a new navi type, "holy", the opposite of dark navis. What better way is there to gain resources and experience than net-battling?