Name: Arch

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Arch wears a plain white shirt with a vertical line stripes, and a red scarf on his neck. Both his hand got a pair of gloves with a different details, his right hand glove cover almost all part of his hand except his finger meanwhile his left hand glove tied to an apple with arrow in the middle at his backhand. There's a metal pad between the apple and the glove. To avoid contact with lights, Arch wears a pair of sunglasses. Arch smokes a lot so most of the time there's a ciggrate on his mouth. Arch's don't like to have his hair grow long, so he keep it short. On the lower parts of his body, Arch wears red jeans with no extra details and a dark shoes. His height is about 179 centimeters


Arch is a kind of person that loves peace, he smokes most of the time. He dislikes a person that talks without thinking twice because he thinks that this kind of person don't use their brain properly. When operating Arbalest.exe, he gives full concentration and nothing cannot distract him except when he argue with Arbalest. Although he don't like violence, he really bocome wild when he act one. Arch is also open minded, ready to listen anything that people said to him. One of the good personality that Arch have is when anyone said something positive, he will remembers it and if anyone said something negative, he'll take it as a lesson and tries to turn the negative thing into positive.

Pet Modification: None