Name:Alexia Greijn (pronounced 'green')
Appearance: Alexia stands at 5'10". He wears a pair of leather boots, long, black, baggy pants with chain straps and studs. A black t-shirt with an angel on it, and a black+white striped long sleeve undershirt. Alexia has shoulder length green hair, a 9mm bullet earring and wears a visor. She also has a wireless headset that functions as an mp3 player/phone/ and com-link with her navi, Stryder.

Personality:Alexia can be shy at times, but shes pretty much outgoing. She's always listening to her mp3. Alexia isn't the aggressive type in a fight, yet shes an excellent strategist.

PET Modifications: Standard looking PET, custom colored white, silver and black. Has a slide-locking mechanism for using chips, and a hologram map.