Age: 24
Gender: Male
Job: Ex-rescue op

History: Gaeherris was once an team of a secret rescue ops called guardian angel. This group used navis and their own specialties to help people and navi's during major crisis. However, due to the way the navi's were treated along with Tenshi's own decision, Gaeherris quit. However he signed.... well he basically signed a soul-stealing contract, thus the second he quit the IPC began a manhunt for him and the experimental navi Tenshi. His current wherabouts are unknown at the moment.

Appearance: Gaeherris is the definition of casual. Granted the clothes aren't baggy to be casual they do exude a certain lack of care for fashion sense. A simple red T-shirt that covers his thin fairly muscular (you know, no big amounts of fat but not Arnold quality muscles) chest, with black jeans with pockets everywhere that seem a little too long for him. Standing at about 6 feet 8 inches, Gaeherris isn't that hard to notice even though he has no defining features other than height about him. His face is smooth and unblemished yet his eyes seem jaded. His posture screams of the lone wolf syndrome as I call it. All in all, Gaeherris doesn't exactly strike someone as a rescue operative.

In some of his pockets, he carries explosive devices along with several tools for hacking. Turns out the rescue op's considered explosives and hacking the same thing.

Personality: Highly analytical, he takes in all data before deciding an action. His eyes show the intelligence you would otherwise have to look for greatly in his regular posture. He doesn't handle talking to others that well, and seems unable to muster any major emotional response out of himself.

PET Modifications: Hack wire- Allows Gaeherris to hack into any electronical device and with the aid of Tenshi, change the function of it. (I.E: Blastdoors have sealed and locked, Gaeherris hacks into it while Tenshi who is still inside the pet uses his processing power to change the codes allowing Gaeherris access)