Name: Rayth Ayori
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance: Rayth is tall and lean with an athletic build from his years on the streets. He stands at a little over six feet and weighs a hundred and ninety pounds. He had dirty blone hair that is short and always a little messy. His eyes are a deep, emerald green that hold a strange intensity. He is always found wearing drab clothing, usually black jeans and a grey t-shirt. Over this he has a black, leather bomber jacket and can usually be seen wearing plain black sneakers. His one piece of jewelry is a silver necklace with a sword pendant that he cherishes above anything else in the world. An oddity about Rayth is that he always wears a pair of black leather gloves, no matter the heat, and never removes the right glove in public. This is because his right hand and arm are badly scarred from a fire. Rayth moves with a casual grace, his life of crime granting him various skills in combat and the thieving arts.

Personality: Rayth is an angry young man; holding a deep hatred for the world that has forsaken him. All he had even wanted in life was to live in happiness, but all the world gave him was pain and sorrow. He feels that the world owes him and he has vowed to take what he wants, no matter who he hurts in the process. He no longer really cares for anything; living for the moment and doing whatever he wants. Still, his criminal past has left him cautious and he knows full well that the police are after him and his Navi.

PET Modifications: Lock Pick ~ Rayth had a friend install an electrical lock pick into his PET, allowing Rayth the ability to open locks that defy his manual attempts. The PET itself is black with a crimson band that circles its side.