Name: Joseph Magnus
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'10", mixblood (Asian/Caucasian), green eyes, dark chocolate-colored hair that curls at the edges.

He wears heat-sensitive contacts that shift color at different temperatures.

Often wears business casual attire, with a black blazer layered over. Old habits are hard to break, after all.

Personality: A frigid exterior acts as Joseph's defense against the world that keeps ripping his dreams and comfort zones apart. A young computer prodigy, he joined the MicroHard team at the age of 12 and brought to fruitation the M.I.N.D. project (Multi-Identity-Navi-Design), a Navi type that would able to handle multiple processes at once. However, with NanoPengi's buyout of MicroHard, Joseph was dismissed--and without funding. Angry at the forces that had led him to this, he unleashed his prototype upon NanoPengi's opening of Yoka--but was thwarted by a coalition of vigilante Navis. He still hasn't forgotten nor forgiven them... but their images have long faded from his mind.
PET Modifications: None.