Netop: Eoin Lorcain

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Eoin is a tall, but slender youth with an athletic build from years of training and involvement in various sports. His skin is lightly tanned, though it is obvious that he is caucasian. He stands at 6'2 and he weighs around 215lbs with a well-toned body. Eoin has brown hair that he wears short, but sloppy and bright blue eyes that hold clever if mischievious look. He can usually be found wearing a pair of black jeans with a plain blue t-shirt and a black, leather bomber jacket. Around his neck is a silver chain and a small, silver sword pendant. He found the necklace laying in the grass long ago and has worn it ever since.

Personality: Eoin has spent a lot of his life practicing a myriad of activities, from fencing to baseball to writing and drawing. This is mostly due to his ever-curious nature and his penchant for getting bored quickly. However, one staple in his life has been video games, especially RPGs. Eoin has always had a fascination with the stereotypical "Hero", dreaming of being able to save the world from evil or just rescuing the damsel in distress. Some would say that this fascination is what led Eoin to try out so many different talents, noting the unusual skills of some of the so called "Heroes" of his videogames. Aside from Eoin's tendacy toward boredom, he is generally a kind soul, prefering to help those in need and try to make the world a better place.

PET Modifications: A blue and silver color scheme to match Elizair's appearance.