Name: Zeo Yamikagi

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zeo's blonde hair has grown considerably longer, him having no real desire to cut it. It now reaches the middle of his back. His eyes are brown, his face is angular and it's often got a smile on it. He is 5'11'' and wears a casual looking outfit. A navy blue jacket with thin white stripes accenting it adorns his upper body. Under the open jacket he wears a tight black T-shirt prominently featuring a Spikey spewing flames. When it comes to physical fitness, Zeo is not in peak condition, but he isn't what you'd call fat. His thin legs are covered by loose fitting blue jeans with a brown belt. The belt buckle is a Metool, and is very detailed. He has white sneakers with blue stripes stretching like lightning bolts from heel to toe. Wrapped around his right sleeve near his shoulder is a black and red PET holster, which has a simple Velcro strap across the top to secure its contents. On occasion, Zeo wears a white baseball cap with a blue bill. As a whole, he looks like some kind of hotshot athlete, but he rarely plays sports.

Personality: Zeo is an overall timid person. He doesn't go out of his way to speak to others and would be much happier doing things alone. Despite this, he will make an effort to talk to people if he believes he has something in common with them, or if his Navi prompts him to. He is usually a very happy person, being content with his life as is. In the presence of others he will try to conceal that and look more like what he perceives as normal. While operating he has tendencies to both over and under think, sometimes forgetting traits about a virus while other times becoming indecisive due to a lack of plausible moves. Thinking ahead isn't his forte though; he feels that sticking to a plan can cause problems when it doesn't go right. Zeo prefers to make snap decisions and it hasn't failed him yet. He has a dislike of people who rigidly follow rules or regulations, although he is usually afraid to speak out against these kinds of people.

PET Modifications: The PET is smoke gray with dull yellow accents. It has a removable black and red rubber jacket for better grip and shock absorbance. The PET slides into the jacket, mostly covering the back and sides.