Name: Bones "Bo" Pasimontito
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bo is pretty tall for the average person 6'2, making him the tallest in his immediate family. His face is pretty boney, not puffed, like the skin is being pulled back just a bit to give his face a slim look. He has straight brown hair that reaches down past his chest when he has his face straight, and also it reaches about halfway on his back. He pulls the bangs to the side to keep it out of his eyes, and so that people can see his face.

He wears tight black shirts all the time, that fit to form around his body. They carry the name of his band that he sings for, "D4". He usually will tell people what it stands for if they ask him nicely, but if they insult him when they do he'll make something up.

He wears tight pants that reach to about the very top of his ankle, he also wears them loose so that they go below his hip. There is a hole near each kneecap so he can bend at the knees. He wears a pair of dark red high top shoes, that go just under the point where his pants reach his ankles.

Personality: Bones has always been against everyone, but with a navi that is for everything that Bo has been against. He just seems to go with the flow anyway, to other people sometimes it would seem that American was the head of the operation instead of him. Even though he supplies the most important things for American, like his chips and programs.

PET Modifications: Bo has a normal PET, that is still jacks in with the cord extension. The color is faded, yet you can clearly tell what the colors are. The handle is a faded navy blue, the area around the screen is a faded almost light pink, but was red, and finally the back of the PET is white with some dirt smudges here and there. The PET is small enough to fit in his pocket, yet large enough for him to place chips in.