Name: Kai Tsurugi
Age: 15
Gender: Male

A medium builded teenager with fair skin. He has a pair of brown eyes and spiky brown hairs. Always seen wearing a black trenchcoat over his green wool-knitted shirt. He frequently wears blue jeans and black sneakers. Almost all the time, earphones are seen on his ears, and a lollypop in his mouth.
Personality: Kai is frequently left alone at home, leaving Slade as his only companion. Thus, the loneliness somehow create an antisocial personality but a strong bond is also created between him and his Navi. He also doesn't speak too much at school and prefers to be quiet. Eventhough, when someone breaks the ice, he'll gladly join the conversation. In battle, Kai always think first before making decision. Somehow a strategeist, prefer brains more than brawn. The most preferred music genre is R&B with slight Pop.
PET Modifications: Light blue Link PET with Slade's crest embedded on it. Used by Kai mostly to listen to his favourite mp3. Also used for E-mails, News, hacking...etc