Name: Wesley (Wes) Xesivan
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, purple hair that sometimes hangs loose, other times is tied back. It all depending whether he feels that its getting in the way or not. His eyes are a mix between green and brown, seeming to shift between the two. He is thin but quick and has pale skin from lack of sunlight. About 5'9''. His faovorite outfit has black jeans with a simple brown belt. The shirt is purple, untucked, and has Soulman's symbol on the back. The Requiem crest (tombstone with a musical note engraved on it) is embroidered over the right breast area. However, this shirt is very old and is sort of like a hand me down from his instructor, so he only uses it for official Requeim business. At all other times he wears tee-shirts, sometimes containing funny sayings or characters from shows or games. In the summer, he wears shorts of varying color, which are covered in pockets. They all go down to about knee height. In the winter, he simply wears jeans. They seem a bit tight, but don't seem to bother him at all. He always wears a sweat band around his wrist. It is purple, has Junior's emblem on one side, and the Requiem emblem on the other. He doesn't even take it off when going to bed, only when he or it needs to be washed.
Personality: He is secretive and focuses mainly on strategy. He acts serious most of the time. Not really nice or mean, he just does what he feels neccessary. He is the leader of Requiem and values his comrades a lot. He tries not to ask to much of them and would never force them to go against their beliefs. He tries to avoid dragging innocents into Requiem business. He is a huge Otaku and gamer, and forces his navi to wear outfits inspired by his favorite series. A note on the current situation with his hair, shirt, and pants would be made in my signature)
PET modifications: Basic design, purple cover with gold around the edges. Sticker shaped like the Requiem symbol on the back.

Background: Some time after Ayumi was deleted, Majin Wes went to an anime convention, stil slightly depressed. He was dressed in a black komono, with a white belt, and light green scarf. He also wore a white cloak with the japanese character for six on the back. While there, he met another cosplayer wearing quite the skimpy outfit, which consisted mainly of a black skirt and triangular top. As they talked, he learned that the boy had no navi, but had a lot of knowledge on them. Pulling out a second PET, Wes let the boy operate the son of his own navi, under his careful supervision. Seeing he had potential, he then offered to train him, offering him a trade. In return for the navi and the lessons, he would one day restart the organization known as Requiem. Since the death of a comrade had come as such a shock, he didn't feel fit to lead anymore, though he didn't want the group to die completely. The boy accepted and introduced himself as being named Wesley as well. Not wanting the same name to cause confusion, he simply told the boy to call him Majin Sensei. Never knowing his master's true name, Wes completed his training in a few years. Once finished, he inherieted the navi and status as leader of Requiem and then entered the world again independentally.