Name: Zanzo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Is of a tall and somewhat slender build, and has a rather pale complexion. His hair is about shoulder length, brown in color and hanging down, not completely kept. His eyes are a dark, yet bold brown. He wears a kimono, light blue on top, black on bottom, as well as a black pair of zori and cotton white tabi. Finally, he bears upon the left side of his chin a scar, which he never really talks about. (There are pics of both my chars in the banner, in front of the left group.) He also carries a laptop around, black in color, in a black carrying case.
Personality: Fairly relaxed, almost to the point of sloth. He can often be found lying on a bench. His intellect is impressive, typically putting plans together on the fly in a given situation, though he usually doesn't show to much in front of others; he's fairly humble in that regard. While he treats people with respect, Zanzo is often cautious about relationships with people who seem even the least bit shady. Once you get to know him, however, he's fairly reliable, as he treats friendships in higher regard than even family.
PET Modifications: Zanzo's Black/Azure schemed PET is equipped with a area scope, enhancing Nachahmen's ability to spot objects from far distances.