Name: Julian Tibbett (previously Shigeru Yamada)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at 6' tall and weighing 150 pounds, Julian is quite slim. His clothing usually consists of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt that reads "Netbattles or (Virus) Bust", and a black sweatshirt emblazoned with the image of a lightning bolt in the center of the chest. His hair is deep brown, almost black, and is fairly short on all sides. He has extremely poor eyesight, and wears his eyeglasses at all times except to clean them or to sleep. A small grin can almost always be found on his face, his brown eyes matching the energy given away by his ever-pleasant expression.
Personality: Julian is always one to make light of the situation, whether it be in casual conversation or in a netbattle. His bright, cheery personality is usually infectious to everyone he comes in contact with, leaving a trail of good mood wherever he has been. A battle changes his outlook very little, usually leaving the tactical details to Voltman, occassionally offering a small insight of strategy or enemy strength. The one thing he cannot stand, however, is those who take advantage of others, and he always steps in to help those being manipulated.
PET Modifications: Built to withstand electric shocks better than other PETs due to Voltman's obsession with electric pulses, and colored black. This PET also has a holoscreen feature, granting Shigeru advanced and specific controls over his PET.

PET Functions are as follows:
-All chip data is stored in the PET. However, only thirty can be stored at a time (The folder)
-Holo-touchscreen can be projected in front of the operator. Uses include:
-----"Touch and Drag" chip selection. Simply drag the chip you want from the side of the screen onto your navi's image! With the digipen, of course.
-----Shows a larger image of the battle than the tiny PET screen.
-----Works as a two-way communicator. Allows the navi to see the operator through a larger window, and the operator doesn't have to stare at the PET.
-----Can be disabled when not in battle. Having a holoscreen follow you everywhere could get kind of irritating...
-A digipen. Allows the operator to "Touch and Drag" items/chips/upgrades onto the navi.
-A chip slot for folder customization. And, if the operator (I.E. Shigeru) gets tired of dragging the chips, he can simply slot them in like the old days.