A hazy camera filmed the scene as another overlay took the 'World News' function, the Netmafia had broken in once again. The definition became clearer and it was made obvious that the camera was bouncing up and down on the body of a navi strapped to a- giant... something.

Tires screeched as an armored cargo bay on wheels breached the conflict with Netmafia navis all over it. They clung like soldier ants to human flesh, refusing to come off until it slowed to a halt. They then immediately jumped off, one inputting a complicated series of buttons on the back. The door slowly opened, revealing what looked like... a large, glowing circle. Quite strange, but the Netmafia navis seemed ready to sacrifice themselves for it. Several began setting up a barrier around it, encased in several layers of armor, they took several hits while doing so, and one or two collapsed, his data beginning to drift apart as one or two navis nudged the corpse aside. Focused fire began upon the transport as commanders viewed it, assuming it to be a weapon. The barrier held for a couple seconds as blasts of various sorts poured on it... then it broke, as the torrent of energy blasted through, the Netmafia overloaded their undershirt programs, protecting it from the onslaught of energy for a few vital seconds.

Then an incredibly powerful transfer wave blasted through the barrier, hitting the platform, bits of energy spiraling away to reveal a glowing form. A ball, more like. Rings of data expanded from it, surrounding the ball for a couple seconds as the firing continued, the rings absorbing it. The explosion was soundless. Data was simply deleted, and only the landscape and buildings were left untouched. The rest was-- gone. No longer there. The forces in about forty meters of the transport were being destroyed. Some had hit points to protect them with their undershirts saving them for a few brief moments, others were simply obliterated by the blast, it didn't differentiate between Netmafia or Netpolice, as the annihilation sphere progressed. It wasn't just extinguishing virtual lives... It was absorbing them. Data trickled back to the center of the sphere, clearly visible as random blue symbols in the blackness.

It all ceased, then. The sphere simply vanished. There was only a giant minotaur about ten meters in height to mark anything in a forty foot radius.

The beast roared, throwing its head back as there were calls of 'Retreat', along with 'Fall Back!'. The Netpolice weren't winning the battle anymore, even with the help of the navis on their side. Shots rang against its hide like metal but all it did was remove the mapping on its skin for a brief microsecond, revealing a piece of wireframe before data recoalesced over the wound. The Minotaur turned toward a net-building still under construction that had avoided destruction, its matter consisted of interlaced metal struts, which the destructive being took hold of. There was the sound of rending and tearing, a screech and a groan. Then the foundations gave in and let loose the metal. Navis clustered broke and began running for their lives as the colossus raised the building. The screams and yells output the mood as quite frankly, 'Holy shit!' The monstrosity was about half the size of the building it held... but to have such strength... Chunks and pieces of the former building fell from the perch of the monster's arms, crushing one or two adventurous navis, the others hitting ruinous bits of the former populace. And then- The building was hefted, as a hail of shots were fired uselessly as some semblance of through the air, hitting the floor of the net and breaking straight through, instantly deleting half the navis it hit on impact, the others saved by their undershirts... but were swiftly swallowed by rubble or fell into the pit. The beast roared triumphantly as the Netpolice simply fell into a panic.

"We need backup! Backup! This thing is invincible!" The undescript navi screamed into his transmitter, as he scrambled back, screaming into it again and again, his friend's leg simply was gone, the building having stopped after it had crushed his leg, trapping his arm under it as well. A couple navis out of tens ran to help him, trying to drag the piece off, others trying to blast it, but it was resistant to all their efforts. Finally, a medic that had come to help severed the limbs, placing the screaming navi on his back, the soldier now yelling incoherently as they carried him away from the beast. Others weren't so lucky as the Minotaur pounded into the Netpolice, targeting them as a mass that it was stomping out rather than one by one as its unrefined sensors reacted. The very world at that moment seemed to be in a panic.

The transmission ended, and the World News signal went gray, noting that the World News server was now offline.