Dragons and Lies OOC/oraganization

What's going on thsi time, your wondering. This time im starting a PW RP. IT involves dragons and such, but then again this will kick ass.

RULES: 1. This will be done in the chatroom.
2. You will have specific roles to play.
3. Don't sign up for a very important role unless you can be there many times.
4. This will take a while
5. IF you give up let someone else take control of your character
6. there is a twist

I will give you Evidence lists here and in PMs. Every time the court is recessed I will PM each side with evidence they found. I will keep track of it and will pull out any info you need, just ask for it in the chat room. I can fill any witness roles that may need filling. A Witness can take over multiple witness roles, and even an Aide role. IF you are a lawyer or the Judge, you cannot be another role.

I have a twist for you: The defense can call witnesses and the prosecution can cross-examine also this time (due to the sheer number of witnessing)

1. Defense attorney -
2. Prosecution - Legoroy
3. Judge -
4. Important Witnesses - Commondragon
(Roles I can take over)
5. Witnesses -
6. Suspect -
7. Defense Aide - (If you play, you will need two characters, plot reasons)
8. Prosecution aide -

Check the Profiles and Court Record Below.

Defense -

Prosecution - Metallix
A superiority-obsessed robot who claims to be able to run down any argument from fleshlings.

Suspect - Taragon
An white-scaled Ice dragon. Is suspected of killing the dragon rider Roth Haythorn. Is the dragon of Rider Salanil. Possible motive involves Haythorn's history.

Victim - Roth Haythorn
A Dragon Rider. Was killed by a large gash in the back caused by an ice dragon claw. Rides the Sand dragon Tonan Hoth. Family has a history of prejsudce against ice dragons.

Witnesses - Mayto Nen (Discovered the body/detective)
Large black-scaled void dragon. Discovered the body and is the detective for the case. Also saw Taragon at the scene of the crime.

Tonan Hoth (Vicitm's Dragon)
The tan-scaled sand dragon of the Victim. Was with Taragon before his rider was killed. Is said to rarely use his breath weapon.
Court Record (For both sides):

Autopsy report - Died from a large gash in the back. Traces of Ice dragon claw were found in the wound. Body was also abnormally cold.

Crime picture - A picture of the body laying face down, an bloodied. Is surrounded by spires of Ice.

Blueprints of surrounding areas -

-----    ------  ---------
|   |   |     | |        |  <--- Dragons' Cafeteria (has doorway to adjacent supply room)
|   |---|     | |        |
-----   ------- ----------
|                      I  |
|                I   I b p|
|               s   V  I  |  ---> Hallways

Scale - Tan Dragon scale with white Blotches

Bottle - A strange borken bottle with a tan liquid inside

Paint - Blotches of Blood red paint
add more of a description for your profile, please :3
Y hallo thar! I'd like to make meself the Prosecutor Metallix, since I previously RPd with him in the chat room.

Prosecutor Metallix: A superiority-obsessed robot who claims to be able to run down any argument from fleshlings.