Rockman Hackers OOC

Rockman Hackers is a darker version of the Net seen in the Rockman.exe games. We are a group of vigilantes that hack into systems of our enemies - the WWW, which are much more evil, yet work more behind the scenes, than in the games - and other organizations such as these. We are trying to find information that can damage their reputations (they are believed to actually be heroes), and destroy their networks hosting their evil scemes.

There are four types of hacking in this game
* Remote Navi hacking - send a navi through the net to get into a computer
* Remote Manual hacking - same as Remote navi hacking, except done by the NetOp through other means
* On-site Navi hacking - send navi into one of the enemy's computers directly
* On-site Manual hacking - hack a computer directly at the source

Sign up your navi for one of the available jobs. Once enough people join, the RP will start.

Leader - Zyborg, Netop - Hacker1, Navi - Hades (Fire/wind)
Strategist - ZeroSaber, NetOp - Kagai Otome, Navi - Hedoro (Normal/None)

Remote Navi hackers
- RevivedSin, NetOp - Mitsugawa Keys, Navi - Shenlong.exe (Normal/break)
- (Available)
Remote manual hackers
- (available)
On-site Navi hackers
- (available)
On-site Manual hackers
- (available)
Additional NPCs
- (I will be doing most of the NPCs, but if anyone wishes to help, I would appreciate it.

Name: "Hacker1"
Position: Leader
Appearance: he wears a cloak similar to Forte, and a helmet with a visor. He wears black gloves that allow him to type and operate a PET, but leave no fingerprints.
Personality: Most people would be surprised to find out he is actually very carefree. He does what he wants to do when not on a job. Once on a job, though, he becomes completely serious. Many of his actions seem to put his fellow Hackers in danger, but he (usually) knows what he is doing.
Navi: Hades
Appearance: A large, flaming being with a five-horned skull for a head. He wears a grim reaper-like cloak, and you are unable to see his hands or legs.
Personality: He helps out anyone in need of help - if he deems them worthy. He has been known to abandon evil navis when they were just "innocent" bystanders, yet helped thieving navis that have gotten into trouble trying to save a partner from dying. He doesn't speak often, but when he does, his words are loud, echoing, and hollow-sounding. (If you have ever read a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchet, he talks like Death)
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind
Hell, I'll join.

Name: Kagai Otome
Position: Strategist
Type: Remote Navi
Age: 18
Appearance: By her appearence, Kagai seems like anything but a smart one. She wears junky sneakers, torn and worn black and white tennis. She also wears jeans, with several rips and a chain wallet. She wears a baggy white tank top, and has several multicolor bracelets. She is quite busty, as well. She wears a black baseball cap over her blonde, long hair, which comes down to the middle of her back.

Personality: Sly, cunning, and smart. She is the perfect strategist, being able to work under the most extreme circumstances. She can come up with incredible battle plans on the spot, and even more amazing ones in due time. She uses her special ability to get exactly what she wants, the smart way.

Navi: Hedoro
Appearance: Hedoro has a slightly humanoid figur, with a slim body and long limbs. He is always hunched over, his legs spred and his arms dangling. On his undersid of his torso and arms is a black area, while the rest is blood red with numerous golden lines zig-zagging through it. His feet are very thick, starting out very wide and becoming slimmer until the knee, where it thins out a bit. Same thing with the arms; thick, long fingers, huge rist, normal bicepts/tricepts. His head is a spherical, round shape, with two long tentacles comig out, down to his knees. He has two large, oval shaped eyes that become points at either end. He has no other facial features. Lastly, he is made of a liquid goop, that allows him to turn into puddles, extend his limbs, and shapeshift with ease.

Personality: He almost has none. He is only obidient to Kagai, not listening to orders from anyone that she doesn't want him to. He remains silent most of the time, only talking when comepletely neccessary. When he does, it very raspy, and seems to come from the air itself.

Element: None
Subtype: None

(( By the way, are you Ashura, as in the really good sprite maker Ashura? ))

Name: Mitsugawa Keys
Position: Remote Navi Hacker
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Stands at 178cm, scarlet red eyes, Asian-toned skin, messy black hair. wears a light blue flannel shirt and a black tie and black dress pants with a black leather belt that holds them up neatly. Also wears brown sneakers. Wears a black hoodie during night missions.
Personality: Keys is a Prosecuting Attorney and joins the organization to spread justice further. He follows orders to a certain extent, and makes up for things that go wrong with suprising speed. Fierce, yet understanding, has no pity for criminals. Will go to any lengths to create his "true justice."
PET Mods: Carrying case is in the shape of a law book, but when you open it, there is just a giant slot for a PET. Link PET of the green color. Navi symbol is a black serpent-like dragon swirling towards the center against an orange backdrop.

Name: Shenlong.exe
Appearance: Standing at 6'7" in human standards. His entire body is covered with green multi-sectioned armor that are red at the tips. Dragon heads cover his hands, but inside them he has hands covered with think blue gloves. His head is that of a dragon, the mouth elongating to the front and two spiked horns coming out of the back. His eyes are yellow with a black, snake-like slit as the pupil.
Personality: Shenlong is very serious, and has no tolerence for small chit-chat. In the midst of battle, his fighting instinct takes over and has him truly enjoy the fight. He helps others in need, even when they say they don't need it, but obviously do. He too, is aiming for his own "true justice." Must be why the two get along so well.
Element: Normal
Subtype: Break
((Sorry, I'm not. I wish I was, though... Ashura is just the "name" of a "character" in Sonic 2. ))

I have added you both.

EDIT: Since nobody else is signing up, I shall begin the game.
I made a chance for someone to make their own mission. If there are specifics to it that you want us to know, but not our characters to know, you can post them here. You can chose me to "mod" it or you, the maker of this mission, to "mod" it. This opportunity, depending on how this goes, may or may not happen often. (I'm rambling like an idiot again, aren't I?)