Two Skies, part 2: Burning Streets

--==Two Skies==--
A story of worlds within worlds
Part Two: Burning Streets

As you enter this RP, be prepared for anything. Part 1 served only as a teaser before it died from lack of activity, and then was lost forever because of the fate of RECN. Part 2 will focus on the transition between Lucarton and the new world. Before part 2 ends, the laws of the universe will be shattered, and the realistic theme of the RP world will be turned upside down. The RP, by the way, is never full, and it is never too late to join.

Updated Thursday Feb 22, 2007
The RP has begun!
If you are willing, please take a story character.

The city-state of Lucarton had existed in a state of peace for over a century, with unprecedented good relations with its neighbors. The police force was strong, the jails were neither too full nor too empty, and the economy had been steadily building force for the entire lifetime of the young generation. Contributing to Lucarton's lifestyle was the fact that it is the most isolated place on the planet, a chain of small islands in the Pacific. The native population had been eliminated centuries ago, first through oppression by the colonists, and then through intermarriage with the immigrant races, until nothing was left of them but local lore and a darker skin tone to many of Lucarton's older families.

Stories of war and terrorism in far-off places meant little or nothing to these citizens, and they believed that they had nothing to fear from much of anything. Backed by strong political allies and an even stronger research and development industry, what is about to happen will take even the most parnoid of Lucartians and Lucartiennes as a complete shock.

After all, there exists no place in the world that could possibly be prepared for the coming of Heaven's Cry. Lucarton is the ideal place that might be able to recieve it- to welcome its ambassadors with mild suspicion (as opposed to fear and open hostility), and the rest of the world need never know. Lucarton might even learn to accept and assist the agents, just long enough for them to establish a hold...

You will take the role of a citizen of this chosen city, a city affectionately referred to as "Achaea rediscovered." Prepare yourself.

Quote (Table of Contents)

First Post: Background Story and Introduction (you are here)
2: Rules
3: Blacklist
4: The Story So Far
5: The Lucarton Post
6: [hidden]
7: [hidden]
8: Accepted Characters
9: Premade Characters
10: Profile Form
11: Announcements
12-20: [unused]
Conduct, expectations, and suggestions.

~Do not post until your character has been approved.

~PM your form to me; don't post it.

~As you might expect, literacy is required of you. This doesn't mean you have to be a novelist- it just means you need to use all the grammar and spelling abilities you posess, and never use ** or --, or any other form of "action indicator."

~Anything goes with interpersonal relationships. I won't mess with "PG-13" or anything like that. As a general rule, don't explicitly describe anything that you couldn't show on TV.

~Please try to remember to remove your signature from your posts. I will do this and I would like everyone else to.

~The storyline is yours to control, to a point. Extreme stupidity and extreme plotholes will be shot down, and quickly. Otherwise, slight godmoding is allowed, such as making up an interpersonal relationship on the spot. Again, remember to fill all plotholes in your head ahead of time. Also, keep time control to a minimum. Remember what time of day it is when posting, and try not to mess others up by fast-forwarding prematurely.

~STAY. IN. CHARACTER. Immersion is a central virtue of this RP, at least I want it to be that way, and breaking character by metagaming or doing something your character normally wouldn't really breaks this.

~If I may suggest something, have a clear idea of your character in your head and give it a theme-- don't make your RPC too much like you. On the other hand, make sure that you will be willing to "be" your RPC, as it is essential that your character is a complete persona, and that you are dedicated.

~I will give permission to certain people to advance the storyline for me in whatever way they wish, should the need arise.
--==The story so far==--
Recaps of, and links to, major events.

Not started yet!
Banned from the thread. Yes, I can do that.

Empty. It'll hopefully stay that way.
--==The Lucarton Post==--
Lucarton's most popular comprehensive news broadcast

Prime Minister Lurina calls economic boom 'the working community's just rewards'[font=times][Posted 7 Fourth Cycle at 12:30]
Far from the feared skepticism and throngs of cynical journalists, Prime Minister Lurina was greeted by waving flags and uproarious cheers this evening as she stepped up to the podium to make her promised announcement regarding Lucarton's financial status at the end of her most recent three-year plan. The recent economic recovery/boom has been mostly attributed to the large amounts of new jobs being created by several technology companies drawing upon Lucarton's abundance of educated citizens and lenient tax policies. Lucarton is ranked... *end excerpt*

Duskfall festivities leave six dead[font=times][Posted 25 Fourth Cycle at 22:30]
It was a good night for fun, family, alcohol, and, apparently, burglary. Duskfall has long been a good for theives as well as bars, but this year, department heads and crime analysts found themselves baffled by no less than six stabbings and six simultaneous burglaries on the night of Lucarton's "second independence day." In every case, a victim was found dead from multiple stab wounds. The victims appeared to be wearing gang colors, and the police say that most likely the deaths occured when both gangs came into conflict having come after the same thing. Here the story becomes even more unusual: The six bodies were found in places ranging from a back alley, to a doctor's office, to a private home... *end excerpt*
This spot will be filled when the time comes
This spot will be filled when the time comes
--==Plot Characters==--
These character concepts do not have full profiles. You may either write your own, or have me write one. These characters are here because even if no one wishes to play as them, then most of them will appear as plot-vital characters written by either me or a volunteer.

Tina Reshley
An 18 year old student, adored by her classmates and worshipped by her younger friends. Extremely intelligent, occasionally with a sharp tounge. She is a native of Lucarton and it shows in her Asian eyes and slightly elitist outlook on life. She has advanced nanomachines.

Lance Attoria
A 20 year old lady-killer, smooth of tongue, step, and looks. Always the center of attention, the life of the party, and the most desired man of his class. He is majoring in philosophy, minoring in psychology, and poised to graduate without honors, in the middle of his class. He has the sort of nanomachines that anyone would be expected to have.

Chris Mihara
A 19 year old Caucasian who plays the position of interceptor for his college football team. Below average in the category of smarts. He comes from an affluent family who were all too willing to send him to Lucarton to attend the university. He has since grown considerably in physical strength. He has very expensive nanomachines.

Michelle Jinnah
A 42 year old housewife, far from a dominant personality but kind-hearted and posessed of an almost uncanny feel for the emotions of others. Her husband is a simple everyman, albeit one with old-fashioned ideas about the role of his wife. She has very simple nanomachines, the kind that anyone would be expected to have.

A young street urchin who no one really knows or cares about, least of all himself. All he does from day to day is survive. Just like his name, he's tough despite being small, and has developed a shell of aggression as a defensive mechanism against others. He completely lacks nanomachines.

Zachary Tirault
A 51 year old wanderer who lives in a tentement in the worst part of town. He's somehow unable to hold a job and doesn't seem to have anything going for him, aside from having mysteriously survived several brushes with death. For example, doctors feared that he would never walk again after his knees were taken out by an unattentive driver. The only permanent damage he sustained from the incident is one bad knee. He completely lacks nanomachines.
--==Profile Form==--
PM me your profile in this format

[quote="your username here"]
[b]Name:[/b] (First and last. All cultures are OK as long as they fit your character-- Arthurian, Biblical, Chinese, Korean, whatever.)
[b]Distinguishing Feature:[/b] (Something that could be described as your character's strongest feature. Charming? Good with words? Musically gifted? Great reflexes? Book-smart? Can bench press 260? Has a mental disorder? Disabled? Anything.)
[b]Description:[/b](Please be thorough. Body type, gender, heritage, clothes, the impression they first give people, whatever comes to mind. You can describe your personality if you must, but remember to develop it and act like your character.)
[b]General History:[/b] (Some events in the past that made your character who they are. Remember to make it realistic and consistent with the character's age, occupation, family, and what have you. Near-future timeline. Minor nanotechnology. Relatively peaceful nations and city-states, with the occasional feud, and no conspiracies. Asian culture is predominant. Lucarton is based on modern Hawaii, but obviously a little bit more urban.)
[b]Other:[/b] (Most characters are assumed to be healthy in mind and body, have a distinct gender, be heterosexual, be citizens of Lucartion, and have minor nanotech implants, not unlike a cellular phone. If you have another little quirk that doesn't fit into other categories, say so here. Note that, except for a knife or perhaps a can of Mace, weapons will be frowned upon. It's a city-state, not America.)
[b]Prior Associations:[/b] (To facilitate interpersonal relationships in this RP, please feel free to arrange with your friends in order to have some existing relationship at the very start.)[/quote]
--==The Cast==--
For reference, a list of characters and who plays them

Quote (ZeroSaber)

Name: Ken Arashi
Talent: Very fast runner, and very stealthy.
Description:He is a short teenager who has white hair and green eyes. He wears white camo pants, along with a black long sleeve T-shirt. His skin not very tan, and he has one of those chains hanging loosly off of his pants.
General History: None really. Ken has lead a normal life pretty much, except for the fact that he has always liked nijas since he started reading manga. He has a bunch a friends, no girlfriend, and a couple enemies.
Other: Ken once had an injury when he was little; he fell off a ladder, and landed on his knees, and therefor broke his legs. The breaks were rather drastic, so he had to get cyber-implants in order to fix them. Because of this, Ken can run very fast, about 20 mph at top speed.
Prior Associations: N/A

Quote (English Ninja)

Name: "Hazard"

Distinguishing Feature: Hazard is seemingly insane. She has several things wrong with her head, which enable her to no longer feel fear. Instead, she is on a nearly constant adrenaline rush, which could kill her, if she hadn't learned how to keep it down to a low buzz that can spike up at any given time.

Description: Hazard is slightly taller than usual, and doesn't have any overly athletic physique. She wears a pair of loose khakis, spotted all over with pockets of various sizes, a pair of rather worn-out running shoes, and a fireman's jacket that she procured from some unknown source. Her hair is shoulder-length and most of it is dyed purple, except for a set of bangs swep t off to one side, which are teal instead. She is always wide-eyed and eager to do things, especially if it's a dare being proposed. She can jump around from subject to subject at an insane speed if the adrenaline gets out of  hand, but usually, she manages to restrain herself to a mostly normal level.

General History: Hazard has always been a daredevil artist. She would take any dare, and still does to this day. One of those included climbing the huge tree in the middle of the schoolyard one day to retrieve a frisbee that had gotten stuck at the top. For most of the climb, things were going perfectly. However, an upper branch snapped under her weight, and she fell fifteen feet to land on her head. By some miracle she survived, although the impact destroyed the fear receptors in her brain, and set the adrenaline switch to the always on position. As of recently, too, she's started to have flashbacks of memories that definitely don't belong to her...

Other: No nanobots.

Prior Associations: None.

Quote ("AimMan")

Name: Dalvin Rawlins
Distinguishing Feature: Dalvin is a very hard worker, and is never more frustrated than when he feels useless. He is pretty socially awkward, but still likes to be in groups. He often seems to just hang around others and talk whenever he gets the chance; he can be quite open with friends though. On a random note, he's flexible enough to slip into thin or small areas when spying.
Description:Dalvin is a 24 year-old caucasian man with blue eyes and long brown hair that is almost feminine. He always seems to be dressed in a suit and tie, although the color of those suits and ties varies on a daily basis. He has a pretty thin build. His face has a sharp jaw and his eyebrows always seem slightly up-turned in a worried look, even as he smiles. He wears a watch that he seems to reference constantly, even when he lacks appointments. He stands and sits very upright, but it's a concious effort; when people aren't around, he slouches pretty consistently. He holds his cell-phone too close when he talks, and often tends to invade personal space once he believes he's made friends with people. Dalvin is a detective by profession, so he tends to ask a lot of questions to his friend. He is excessively talkative when spoken to, but almost never addresses strangers. Despite his long hair, he doesn't seem to stand out very much in a crowd. He is still considered a rookie around the office. His blood contains the same nanomachines that most others have; he rarely ever thinks about it.
General History: Dalvin's family moved to Lucarton earlier than he can remember. He never really knew his parents; both were killed by criminals during a burglary at his house in his old nation. He lived with his grandparents and his cousin; his grandparents have both died from natural causes. Luckily, he was self-independent by the time they passed on, so he's now living on his own in an apartment. His educational background was generally unspectacular, but he got through school and college with reasonable success. He is now employed as a detective, but he is still very new to the job. He now makes a pretty low salary.
Other: Dalvin has never actually been in any kind of serious relationship. He admires people with creative jobs, such as writers or artists. He eats unhealthily lightly. Has never smoked; tried alcohol once and proved a poor drunk.
Prior Associations: None.

Quote (Goroke)

Lucarton Citizen File:
Name: Nah Hee Chul (Korean)/ Paul Y. Nah (American)/ Nah Hideki (Japanese)
Age: 16
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180lb
Birth: 11/3/XX
Blood Type: A
Nano Machine: Yes
Dosage %: 15%
Eye Color: Dark Brown (Black)
Hair Color: Black
Heritage: 45% Korean / 23% Japanese / 19% Chinese / 6% Indonesian / 5% Unknown
Job: High School Student: 11th grade
Detail: Hee Chul is found wearing a slightly ripped jean with a dark brown belt, a white shirt with a large black stripe running over the chest with a dark navy blue dress shirt over it. He also wore a metal rimmed glass, leather patched watch, and a chain bracelet. His skin is lightly tanned, but enough to be visible. He has two scars on his right arm: A 2nd degree burn on the left side of his wrist, and an old, long scar on his elbow. His eyes are normal sized compare to the typical citizens, large statue,

Distinguishing Feature/Personality: Hee Chul has a slight disoriented personality as he gets really angry and hurt emotionally at the same time. He's very sensitive towards other people's feelings, so he gets angry or ticked off at others who just get into his nerve for the slightest things or get hurt by other's remark. He is exceptionally strong with no body building at all, but he tries not to be flattered by anyone by showing off. Along with his angry personality, he tries to fake a smile most of the time for everything or anything he hates, just for the sake to not ruin his image towards others.

Citizen History: ((To busy to do the History...I'll send it to you later))

Hee Chul is the few individual who has low amount of Nano Machines in his blood stream. From his family past, neither of his parents had Nano Machine implants to give it too him through blood and due to lack of money to purchase the necessary dosage of Nano Machine. His survival and adaptation to the Nano Machine affiliated diseases would be a great research.

Quote ("your username here")

Name: Seth Syca
Distinguishing Feature: For some reason, Seth is extremely insightful, picking up on miniscule hints that no one but him would ever expect. This makes him a natrual at strategy games, reading books, and generally analyzing things, although this gift of his comes and goes, and it never seems to come when he expects it. Most people don't notice this quirk of his, however, because Seth is also a raging conspiracy theorist. He keeps it down in normal conversation, but once in a while he says something that makes everyone just... stare.
Description: A youngish man in his late 20s, usually seen wearing black. In Lucarton's warm climate his jeans and hooded jacket seem out of place, but they do keep him from looking like a tourist during his frequent excursions to tourist areas, and his wild black hair is almost forgivable atop his markedly Asian features. His body is toned, though you wouldn't know it underneath his clothing. When the jacket comes off and Seth is wearing short sleeves, his athleticism shows, but until then, most see him as a skinny nerd. This is half true. Seth is something of a nerd.
General History: He has a white-collar job as an engineer, courtesy of his parents, and hates it. Granted, it pays as well as he originally hoped for, and the hours allow enough time for him to do the things he enjoys, but he's extremely unsatisfied. Seth moved to Lucarton straight out of college, and spent a few years riding on his grandmother's inheritance before finally giving in and taking a job with his family's company. To this day he wishes he'd done something useful with his life.
Other: Seth was diagnosed with an odd developmental disorder at birth, but thankfully the only consequence was that his arm was severely deformed from the elbow down. Thankfully, the rest of his body was unaffected, although at an early age it was suspected that he was mildly psychotic, or autistic, or even delusional. However, he got over it before it became a major problem.
Prior Associations:None yet
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