Ehibika's Sketchbook

Here I'll simply be sharing some of the sketches and illustrations done that have something to do with RE:RN.

Early Navi concepts
Early Gait

Gait has been a rather difficult navi to properly create, he was an art based ninja esque navi with a heavy emphasis on leaves, the reason he is a wood navi with a heavy plant emphasis is because a lot of materials for art come from plants, such as dyes, pigments, non black inks, and even tools like brushes. however it was hard to properly illustrate and cram all that into one concept without making it seem overdecorated, along with that visualizing it was even harder, I had the idea clear in my head but getting it on paper was another deal.

For those curious about why he was named gait, he is actually based off of a character of my own creation of the same name, he exists in his own fiction but is used in previous Rps.

The original gait being a "pseudo" ninja that specialises in espionage, infiltration, and close combat, they borrow more elements from realistic ninjas and stylize it a bit, they don't have any famous ninja like aspect such as ninja magic or stuff like that.

Whereas the netnavi gait is a ninja in plain sight and and has a huge ego, the original is a highly mature no nonsense person who takes everything with absolute seriousness, he's a prodigy in his training as he's abnormally young to occupy the position he has now, when most units his age would still be in training.

Similarities the two share is that both are small, at 5 feet tall, both use retracting katar weapons, both have dark colored skin where it's visible, and both utilize a myriad of tools when engaged in combat, the differences being the clear personality contrast as well as how original gait actively avoids getting into a fight during a mission while netnavi gait is a blood knight., though original gait generally prefers to not even be noticed during a mission.
an old illustration of original gait is here:

[spoiler=Early secondary navi]

This was a second navi that would have potentially been used instead of Gait, this Navi still doesn't have an actual name but the concept was fully visible, even if it took a few tries to realize.

This nave was a heavy armored break navi, that's arms could detach from the center and be suspended by a metal chain of infinite length, that way the navi could use his own fist as a flail, wrecking ball, grappling hook, or just rocket punch and reel his fist back in.

Though the name was not ready, virtually everything about this navi minus his back story was intact, which originally was convoluted because it involved the body of the navi actually belonging to an undernet thug lord that in a fierce fight deleted the operators original and super powerful navi, but in an attempt to use his backup data he learned that it was corrupt but the AI programing was intact and somehow used it to hijack the Thug lords body by overwriting his AI programming with the backup data and...see it's really convoluted.

This navi was actually based off of hardman, and was going to be named hardman or breakman, but the rules of this forum wouldn't have that so I had to avoid that, I opted against using him because his operator wasn't fully conceptualized yet.[/Spoiler]


one of gait's passive abilities is that he can actually draw 2D images in 3D space on the net, he seldom does this outside of presentation purposes as the ability itself has little practical usefulness, the images he create can be picked up and moved like cardboard cutouts, and are super fragile, only having 10 HP. he himself can phase right throw his own creations however, and can use this ability to create false walls, however he cannot actually make anything he draws come to life.

concept: Darkplug

Darkplug, a former police navi operated by Lawrence's father, who was a netpolice officer until he started to slowly retire from the force. Darkplug is who will replace Gait once he is lost, and be the reason behind Lawrence's drastic lifestyle change,

Darkplug will either be an Elec/sword, Elec/Shadow, Elec/cursor, or Elec/variable, depends on what I decide. Darkplug is an electical navi with glowing patterns on his cloak, when completely dim the patterns mesh with the rest of the coat in color, the patterns though typically yellow, can vary in color based on circumstance, it isn't however, connected strictly or even highly to mood.

His abilities involve being able to make himself invisible, as well as to charge and generate electricity from his body. his dark buster is his trademark standard weapon, an electrical gun that fires normal buster shots, but can charge up to shoot powerful electrical blasts or magnetic spheres.

Other considered weapons were a dark sword, (which would make him Elec/sword) or large electric throwing disks called thunderdisks (this was mostly scrapped as he is already tron like enough with his tron lines)

concept: Bearman

This was an idea I had brewing in my head along time ago that was brought up during a chat discussion about animal themed and non humanoid navi's, this is a concept I might try out later.

Bearman, a Wood/Guts navi that though he has standard intelligence levels, rarely talks on his own and uses non verbal communication when his operator, Ted Kaysen, isn't doing the talking.

His operator is a young boyscout and junior ranger, who performs general community service around nature populated areas and networks like yoka or netfrica.

Bearman's main use is to operate one of the bearbots over in the yoka parks and reserves, bearbots are robot bears designed for scaring off threatening wild animals from campsites, maintaining and cleaning the area, and public interaction and amusement if necessary. Bearman is worked regularly because when he isn't on the net on mass busting sprees around domestic areas like ACDC for public safety, he's operating a bearbot and doing things like park and neighborhood clean up, and public assistance. needless to say however, he's never doing anything his operator isn't doing at the same time, with a high sense of responsibility to his community, Ted and poor Bearman are always busy when not sleeping.

Made a few more tweaks to Bearmans design, and he was suppose to be holding a rock cube but I accidentally drew a companion cube thinking rock cubes had that pattern. No, Bearman does not need a companion cube, he throws them at enemies for intense damage.


the biggest problem I had with gait was that his concept just didn't properly cement together without things popping in and out of nowhere, being a ninja-esque navi with a nature theme and an art theme, that was until I came up with a brilliant idea. I decided to throw out the leaf katar, take out his brush arm and pen arm, and combine the last two into a composite weapons, being a bamboo spear with a point sharpened like a pen nib and a brush at the end. Bamboo pens and Bamboo brushes Did exist, and bamboo spears also were used before, so it worked perfectly.

The penspear is gait's primary tool for work and for battle, making a great asset for illustration and a dangerous weapon in battle, it generates ink and pigment at will, and the penspear itself can be generated at will, thus Gait can throw it like a javelin without a worry as if it's lost or destroyed he can just generate a brand new one on the spot.

Gait still retains his leaf conjuring abilities but he no longer has leaf blades. his design is slightly changed, having a new insignia, his leaf katars gone, and leaf shoulder plates.

A few assorted action shots.

Back during my bouts of asking questions in regards to potential outcomes of certain uses of chips, I wondered whether or not gait could use molokorush1-3, hop onto one of the moloko, create a phony bugfrag and suspend it to his penspear by an inkstring, and use it to steer the mokolo he is on. while I was told it could work in theory, I may get smacked by the boomerang principle if I tried to finagle a few more hits onto a single hit chip.


Riptide, an Aqua/Speed navi that can glide through and underwater at mach speeds, he fights by whipping up tidal waves and performing high speed tackles. he always keeps set sea in hand because he needs water to be fully effective, without it he's actually not that fast.

Riptide is good natures and loves to race, although carefree in nature he won't hesitate to chew out virii or navis that challenge him, even if out of his element.

concept:gait crosses


By combining Holoman's holographic nature with Gait's creative and artistic programming, gait goes digital and gains the power of virtual virtual reality, capable of making real or false holographic objects and walls at will and surveying the area with holographic screens he can generate at will. the tips of his fingers are in fact tablet nibs, allowing him and only him to bend and alter his own creations anywhere in sight, and can shoot lasers.


Gait compromises his natural and creative programming to obtain a cybernetic suit and spear, becoming a fully combat oriented Null/sword navi, he wields a spear with increased proficiency and viciousness than before and abandons all of his tactical abilities for up close strategies and passives. the spear can be regenerated at will still.

Rheacross is possibly the only cross where gait's face isn't concealed.

Miscellaneous doodles and ideas

In the chat, there was discussion on the morality of killing baby virri (namely spikey pups) and someone wondered if they would even be cute enough to care for or something like that, I took it upon myself to make a quick illustration of how I would see a spikey pup.

this was a tad hard to do because of how weird and jagged the spikey virus's anatomy is.

These were assorted doodles of me trying out a new drawing style favoring thicker outlines and higher shading reliance for quick illustrations, the results are a lot more appealing.

labillion "Laii" .EXE

Laii is a null/sword navi operated by Renda Pierce, who won a customized navi in a swordsmanship competition, he was booted up for the first time when he was first won by Renda. Laii has a preinstalled understanding of swordsplay and is capable of adapting his style to his operator or from other combatants by engaged practice. This programming is meant to allow Laii to operate fencing robots for sword players to train with, being an adaptive opponent that learns as they fight.

Laii is a mild mannered navi with a sporty attitude, who enjoys sword to sword fights, he relies heavily on slashing chips and is built for ideal defense, having guards on his thighs and wrists to deflect impact. He tends to shy off from anyone he finds to be well out of his league and has a conservative nature.

Laii is infact based off one of my most established OCs
original labillion

Labilion pike was a very old character concept that took quite a bit of time in development, he is a young member of a small community of people called Draekines, residing in a cold and mountainous tundra environment. Laii is one of triplets in a family who inherited the family heirloom, a helm with a polished brass lip on it (normally they are plain metal). Laii got the ire of his triplet brothers as he is seen as the runt of the three, not as strong or as athletic as his unfortunately sociopathic brother Oarendred "Oarr", or as smart and studious as his intelligent but egotistical brother Eitizand "Eitt". Laii was given the helm to inherit for being the best mannered and considerate of the three, naturally this resulted in being relentlessly harassed by his brothers till the age of 12. where he met wevruline "wevli", a juvenile polardrake at the age of 17 at the time.

Draekines coexist with a sapient species known as polardrakes, a sort of pseudodragon with ursine traits. and it's a current trend for the youth to pair with one as a lifelong ally, this taught them responsibility as they were responsible for the polar drakes health and food (and with this being a society where you have to get dinner by going out with a bow and hunting knife..), as well as offered them flight transportation, and safety, since the community has a long history of bears invading to feast on the young.

drawing of Labillion

These are what were available, in chronological order of creation:

*The female character to the right is not mine*

While they had a fundamental basis in their design, elements did change quite a lot.


Guardman, a null/shield bodyguard navi built primarily around defense. his main deal is covering himself under barriers, healing himself, and bouncing back attacks with reflects while retaliating with his own fire. he's the type of navi that without break or impact attacks it's basically a war of attrition. but of course he would also have a strategy to counteract having his defenses broken.

He's based off of a giant snapping turtle, he has no fancy weapons but just a buster, but has red crystals all over his shell and arms that generates barriers around him and allies as well as heal. he can also retreat into his shell to obtain ironbody, and even propel himself from jets where his legs normally are. yes he has that because I anticipated him being described as a ghidora expy even without it.

Haven't decided on a personality or netop yet, I wanted the netop to be affiliated with the net police as guardman's purpose is to protect areas or other navi through defense or firepower, and I felt guardman might be the gutsy sort, thinking of himself as invincible even when his shields are broken. if a target to protect isn't present, he'd be the type that engages combat without fear.

Sauna Sher & Furn.EXE

Sauna Sher, a hotel manager who operates one of a chain of hotels inside Sharo, complete with it's own spa for travelers to warm up from the frigid climates of Sharo. She is an opportunistic Business woman who plans to usurp control of the Hotel chain she is managing for right now, She has a polite and confident demeanor with a strong work ethic. she's not the most charitably minded.

Fern.EXE is her navi, who manages the Hotels heating and the spa's machines, as well as a net sauna online to rejuvenate navi's that are freezing from Sharo net's cold climates. Many times however he wanders off on his own to aid any travelers he meets with his recovering abilities before going about his way. He's kindhearted and a bit overly proper, Referring to people by their full name and at times addressing other navis with their extension. unlike his operator, he's more willing to aid for little benefit because he believe he has and always will have the power to.

Fern however is very shy and timid, and is terrified of viruses due to sharo being filled with aqua element viruses.

Fern.exe is a Heat/Recovery navi who's main ability is generating warm fires and auras the heal and protect others. his tail is a furnace that makes him generate a heat that heals others around him. the smoke it emits, oddly enough, vanishes completely and is actually unable to cause suffocation.

Intriguingly, he loves snow despite his element.

Role play illustrations

pilfering purloin

A moment in the RP where Gait made it to Purloins yacht via a clunky motor boat, and having to scale it with his regeneratable penspears due to the boat conking out on him. it was never described exactly what the yacht looked like or even how big it was so I used my imagination, considering that purloin was wearing a diamond encrusted one piece and was in a completely conspicuous yacht, and since she had a gigantic diamond in her hands, odds are she got a big yacht to hold her hoard.

The figures were rather difficult to draw in such a small scale, and the perspective was off on the first image. that and water is tricky to draw too.

Dee's sharo home

This was a WIP illustration of the scene where Dragonierman busts through the wall in order to finally do away with the ever irritating Marriageman after ejecting him from the house twice.

It's hard to see, but Marriageman's insignia are two overlapping gold rings.

Dragonierman is really weird to draw...

The shrew that tamed the beast, or has she?

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