I got Warioware D.I.Y. a few days ago, and since even before I got the game, I've been thinking of making a batch of RE:RN-based microgames. Problem is, I'm pretty balls at drawing with the DS. Solution: Sprites (8-bit colour paletted ones in particular) are easily recreated in-game. So, I've come to ask RE:RN's spriters to assist me in creating sprites for the games.

There are a few limitations, however:
- As stated above, the colour palette is somewhat lacking. An 8-bit pallete is definitely the best option
- Objects, be they single-image, looping animation, or one-time animations, have a maximum of four frames. You can have four different animations per object, however, so theoretically, you could have a 16-frame animation, although it'd be the only one for that object.

Now that that's out of the way, would anyone care to assist?

Also, ideas for games will be posted here.

Tower Downer (Bomb it!): Nitro destroys a stack of Rockcubes, from side-view.
- Needs Nitro aiming forward (starting position), firing, and victory fist-pump.

Melee'd Met (Punch!): Meleeman punches a moving Metool, from a top-down or over shoulder perspective (former would be easier to write the script for, latter would probably look better).
-Needs Meleeman idle, punching, and victory, and loss (he misses the Met). Also, Metool walking, and flying away from being punched.