So, I have a class this quarter that is called Fantasy writing class. We very literally read fantasy stories, watch fantasy movies, and write our own fantasy story. Needless to say it is a very awesome class and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This is the story I am working on. It is very long at this point, so if you are going to read it have time to do so. I have a lot more to work on, it will most likely double in length before I am finished. Any feedback would be great, and if anyone can think of a title for me I would love that! I am out of ideas there lol. Well, here it is in bulk.

The rain fell at a moderate pace, coating the city of Seattle in beads of water. The urban environment of glass and steel looked even grayer with the addition of the storm clouds overhead, and the light fog hanging in the air. Anyone new to the city would feel depressed and down-trodden over the appearance of the grey city, but the city was moving at its normal pace, happy people walking down the wet streets. A school bus roared by a street corner, heading towards a public school down the road. The passengers were all talking or looking out the window, waiting for the bus to pull up in front of Roosevelt High. The red bricks of the school were a change from the appearance of the rest of the city. There were houses across the street, each with a dark siding. The bus pulled around and opened its doors, and the students began to file out. The students quickly moved into the building, entering a sea of white and grey hallways, coated with yellow and green designs and posters, representing the school colors.
A group of friends flagged down an entering student, "Hey Jon!" A senior breaks away from the crowd, wearing a black pull over jacket, blue jeans, and large military issue combat boots. He stands five feet, ten inches tall and has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has a defined jaw line and a small nose. Over his shoulder is a black backpack, which doesn't look like it is actually carrying any books. When he walks he walks with swagger, making every step as loud as possible from his large boots.
"What's new with you, Amber?" Jon said to Amber, the short female that caught his attention. Amber was a short female who has shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. She has a soft rounded face, and a small nose. Amber was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tight teeshirt that hugged her tiny frame. Amber and Jon have been friend for years, often being mistaken as a couple.
"Not much here."
They both turn back to the group behind them. The group is made of two other girls, Tori and Casey, and one other guy, Ryan. Ryan has been Jon's best guy friend for several years, and Casey was dating him.
"Hey, which of you guys are going to the game tonight?" Tori asked.
"You already know I love foot--" Ryan started before being cut short.
"We know," Tori stopped him. "Who else will be at the football game tonight?"
"I will be," Jon said. He shrugged slightly when answering the question, not sure what other answer there could be. "I mean, even though we live in the middle of the city, there isn't really much to do tonight. Might as well."
The others all agreed as the bell rang. The group stayed around another minute or two before breaking out to go to each of their classes. Jon went on to his first block physics class. He hated this class. The subject material is interesting enough, but the math and the questions just threw his head out of loop. Besides, he couldn't focus when sitting near a window, which the teacher intentionally sat him near. 'What a fool,' Jon thought.
"Jonathan Laake!" The older gentleman of a teacher called. Jon barely payed the old hippy of a teacher any attention. He looked at him, shrugged, and moved to his seat in the back.
"You know the bell means time to be here. You know you can't be late any more," the male teacher stayed in a calm and airy voice. The teacher had short grey hair, always wore a funny pin of some type clips to his tie, and dressed as proper as possible normally wearing a suit and jacket. Jon looks up at him once in his seat and said his normal excuse.
"I will work on that for next time."
The teacher brushed it off and turned back to the board. He grabbed a dry erase marker and started writing.
"OK, so, who can tell me some of the governing forces at work in our universe?" The squeak of the marker rang through the room, piercing every ones ears. "Anyone? Come now! For years there has been speculation of what these forces could be. Anyone remember the four elements? Fire, water, earth, air? People used to believe that balance of those forces was contained within each and every object in the world." He held the marker in his hand up, showing it to the class. "For example, this might be made of four parts air, one part earth, three parts fire, and two parts water."
He lowered the marker and said, "Of course we don't think like this anymore right? You couldn't tell me the elemental breakdown of an elephant, a a wall, or a phone could you?"
Jon lowered his head to the desk, "not those stupid jokes again," He groans.
The teacher ignored the comment from Jon and said, "I will give you one. Electromagnetic force is a huge factor in how we believe this universe works. Any others? You guys know one of them it holds this planet in orbit."
"Gravity?" one student said with caution.
"That's right," the teacher responded, "what others?"
The smart student of the class, Jeremy, raised his hand and started saying thing like, "Nuclear force, something about a proton to neutron ratio. Jon was long lost in this. He was already staring outside the window at the rain. For some reason he always felt calmer and more peaceful when seeing the rain. It was good for him that he lived in Seattle, where it always rained. Jon moved his hand under his chin as he observes. The water was already beading on the window, forming little drops that raced down the fogged over window, clearing paths of their movements. Jon raised a hand to trace the path of the one he thought would win the race, a little game he played in his head. Between two randomly selected beads of water he picked one and followed it, whichever reaches the bottom of the window first wins. Jon always picked the right one. 'Why do I love this so much?' Jon questioned in his own head.
"Mr. Laake," The teacher said trying to catch his attention. Jon turned his head to see him and gave a half hearted nod. "What is the last governing force that was just said by Jeremy?"
Jon let out an audible sigh, moving himself back up in his seat. "I really don't know." Jon cast a glance over at the small boy named Jeremy. He was a skinny boy no taller than five feet six inches tall. He was the normal target of ridicule from the students of the school.
"You need to pay more attention if you plan to pass this class," the teacher started. He was starting the long rant about how he can only meet his students half way, and this is a two way road. Jon had heard these stories plenty of times, and could see them coming, knowing now is a good time to turn back to the window.
After class let out Jon fell into step right behind Jeremy. Jon had his next class near Jeremy's, but Jon knew he would be on edge after being called out by the teacher again. Poor little Jeremy was so familiar with being jeered at. Jon moved forwards in a quick motion and stepped on the back of Jeremy's shoes, causing him to trip up. He did not fall or drop any books, but the gesture alone was annoying, a sign of being lower. Jeremy's clear frustration made Jon laugh under his breath as he moved out from behind him to go to his next class.
The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. The usual lunch with his friends, sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, passing insults to the smaller kids, and making rude gestures to the other students and teachers. Jon even got up from the table and walked to another student whom had spoken back. Once Jon was standing right next to him, the other student said nothing else. "That what I thought," Jon said.
The rest of the classes were boring, mostly hearing from the teachers about how he forgot his books, or didn't do his homework, or how he should be more like this student or that one. "Why did these teachers seem to care so much about him," Jon always asks himself.
After the day was over Jon quickly met with his friends before hopping in Ryan's car and heading home. He would get a ride from him each morning, if not for where he lived and the early morning traffic of this section of the city. Jon watched a few of the drops on the window while the drive was going on. "I win again," He thought.
Once home he threw his stuff into a corner of the small apartment, and took off his shoes and jacket. His mother wasn't home. She never was home much, and whenever she was Jon can't talk to her because she is sleeping. She worked two jobs because his father isn't around. He never knew much about him. He just knows that he left when Jon was about five years old. Some weird event happened that Jon was never filled in on. His mother said it was for the better this way, but he didn't really believe her.
Jon moved to the cabinet and grabbed a glass for some water. Turning the knob on the sink quickly released the clear water. Jon took several big gulps before refilling and setting it on the side of the table. He looked out the kitchen window over the vast city. It was still raining, and the sky was still clouded over, but Jon felt particularity happy about the overall appearance of the city. He always seemed to feel at home near the water, and when it was raining was no exception. He let out a loud audible sigh and turned around to head into the living room.
In that instant, with his hand being tossed about carelessly, it caught the side of his glass knocking it to the floor. His eyes watched it follow, unable to grab it in time or stop it from falling. This was one of those moments for Jon, when everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The glass was falling slowly, his hand moving slowly after the glass, trying uselessly to stop it from breaking.
The sound of the glass shattering echoed throughout the apartment. Jon had instinctively closed his eyes to not watch the event, but left his hand out.
'That's weird,' Jon thought, not having felt the water around his toes, not having heard the subtle sound of water flowing across the floor. Just, silence. He slowly opened his eyes to see what was going on. Halfway to the floor, held in a perfect shape of the cup, was the water! It was being held up on its own, just floating there aimlessly. "What the hell?" Jon shouted, withdrawing his hand, which caused the water to hit the floor splashing in every direction. He backed up and pushed against the sink, watching the water flow over the floor. "How the--" his voice trailed off as he kept staring blankly as the water on the floor.
Slowly he began to move from the sink, gathering some towels to clean the water. He got a broom and cleaned the glass from the floor. Once finished he moved back to the kitchen sink, and stared at it. 'How did that happen? That shouldn't happen, things like that just don't happen.' Jon began to close his eyes and think hard about what occurred. He pinched the bridge of is nose and closed his eyes, trying to clear his thoughts. 'Water doesn't just hover. What is it about water and me that unnatural things always seems to happen?'
An unknown amount of time passed to Jon. What felt like a minute was closer to hours. He still focused on how this happened, trying to create logic out of nothing in his mind. He put his hand on his forehead and tried to think. A loud knock on the door interrupted him. In a flash he was at the door, swinging it open. It was Ryan.
"You about ready to go?" Ryan asked while sending a message on his phone. Once he finished he looked up to see the distressed look on Jon's face and said, "Hey, what's going on man?"
Jon looked blankly at him for a minute and shook his head. "Nothing, just..."
"Just what?"
"Just woke up. A little disoriented. That's all. Is it time to go already? OK let me get my coat." Jon walked away from the door, leaving Ryan staring at him oddly in the door.
"You sure you're OK?" Ryan asked again.
"Yeah man, no issue. Just let me get my head back on my shoulders." Jon walked into the bathroom and hovered over the sink for a short moment. "Pull yourself together. Just talk to Amber about it later and let it be." He turned the sink on, cautious to put his hands in the running water. After washing his hands, he stepped from the bathroom, grabbed his jacket, and moved out the door, with a very confused Ryan still in step behind him.
The drive to the game was very quiet, no real exchange going on between the two. Ryan would attempt to begin a conversation, but only to have it end with Jon fading his words out as he retreated back into his own thoughts and tracing water droplets on the window.
"How do you always pick the right one?" Ryan jested.
After a few short attempts, Ryan gave up and reached towards the stereo, turning up the music, to drown out the noise of the water hitting the windshield.
They arrived at the school, and Ryan glanced over towards the field, trying to see what was going on with the game. His eyes caught sight of the guards that were posted at the gate. This was a normal event for large school football games, but some of the security was wearing different clothes than those of the carbon copy security guard normally there. The small group of men was wearing tan trench coats, and pairs of slacks. A tie was also visible at the top of the closed trench coat, making them very different. Ryan grabbed Jon's attention before he climbed from the passenger seat of the car. "What do you think those guys are doing here?" He asked while tilting his head towards them.
Jon leaned forwards to focus on them, seeing the differences in clothing and also becoming slightly wary of what caused suits to be at a high school football game. "I don't know man. Rather weird that suits are posted here. Feels almost like a bad movie right?"
Ryan chuckled at the thought, "Terrible movie plot," He said while opening the door.
Together they moved towards the gates, waiting in line behind the others to get into the game. Once at the booth they both flashed their school ID cards and walked in. The security was all watching them, as usual, but the odd thing was the eyes of the suits were also following Jon and Ryan. Jon whispered under his breath, "The hell is this about?"
Casey soon got the attention of Ryan and the two boys joined their group of friends. Casey was screaming at the game and carefully watching the plays. Ryan moved in next to her, quickly duplicating her actions. Tori sat off to the side, and Amber watched Jon as he came closer. Jon still held a look of confusion and misunderstanding on his face as he approached her. Slowly he locked eyes with hers. She had a worried expression on her face as she asked, "What's wrong?"
Jon didn't respond immediately. "Well, um. Something—weird—happened again. I just can't, explain this one." He took her by the hand and moved further up the bleachers, getting out of ear shot of his other friends.
"I knocked a glass of water from the table, and as I tried to grab at it the glass kept falling but the water hovered in the air, holding the shape of the damn cup!" Jon was getting slightly hysterical in his motions and pacing of his words. "I can't even begin to understand how this one worked. It just hovered in the air in the shape of the cup! What the hell is going on around me when it comes to water? I just don't understand! This isn't the first time this type of thing has happened before either!"
"I know," Amber interjected.
"I know you know! How would you explain this one? Any ideas this time?"
Amber was genuinely worried for Jon here. "I don't know, maybe you are magic?"
His eyes snapped to look at her with a glare, "This isn't a time to be sarcastic, this actually happened!"
"I'm not being sarcastic. I can't explain this, and I still am banking on dumb luck for the time with the mop bucket. Maybe you're magic?"
Jon placed two fingers on his forehead, to focus on the idea at hand. He often did this to think, and to get rid of his common place headaches. He looked back to his friend Amber, who was looking up at him with a very worried expression.
"You should probably just forget this, it is for the best. I am even finding this one hard to believe."
"It happened," Jon retorted.
"Maybe you just need a change in your life and not be forced to be stuck in that apartment alone."
"You aren't helping," Jon interrupted.
Amber placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "I'm sorry. Just saying what I feel would help the most." She moved her hand from his shoulder and pulled on his ear lobe. A half hearted smile crossed both of their faces as the personal act happened. Amber walked away from Jon, leaving him standing there in his own thoughts. He slowly moved a hand up to touch his ear lobe where she had pulled. "Normally that would make me feel better," He whispered under his breath as he walked back down the bleachers to join his friends.
The game continued normally and as the night went on Jon began to become more like his old self, and enjoying the company of his friends. By halftime, the presence of his friends and the excitement of the game had made the strange event earlier temporarily escape his mind. He never noticed that all of the suited security was watching him, and several were only in the same general area as Jon.
Jon got up and moved away from the bleachers and headed to the bathrooms. Along the way a Caucasian man caught his attention. He was standing off to the side, watching the game from a distance. He didn't look like a parent or a supporting team member, but also didn't have the look of several of the old football team's players coming back for nostalgia. He held an umbrella in his hands with a hooked end, and was wearing blue jeans and a nice blue dress shirt. Around his neck were several off necklaces, and two large purple rings on each of his pointer fingers. He had facial hair growing in, making him look rugged, and his short black hair was unkempt and messy.
Jon walked by, trying not to decipher what the man was doing here. Jon felt something was very different about this man. Several times upon glancing at him, Jon could have sworn he saw thick purple lines emanating from the large rings . "My eyes must be playing tricks on me," Jon said, but every time he looked again the lines were gone. "Whatever."
Jon exited the bathroom and looked over to where the man was originally. Jon noticed he was missing and dismissed the strange thoughts in his head. "Today has been an odd day," Jon muttered as he moved back towards the bleachers. Several of the suited guards were watching him very closely, seeming to be waiting for someone. Just as Jon began to reach the edges of the dense crowd, two suits stepped from the crowd and blocked his path. "Mr. Laake?" One of them asked, "we need you to head over to the security booth with us, a teacher here says they thought you were acting rather suspicious tonight, and we need to ask a few questions."
Jon was slightly taken back by the two men, and the message they delivered threw him off his balance even more. "Wha-why? What have I done tonight?" Jon responded.
"It is more precautionary than anything."
Jon glared at the two men. "This has to be a joke."
"No joke, Mr. Laake. We have been asked to bring you over to the guard booth."
"No. I'm not going. I don't have too." He took another step backwards from the two men and tried to side step around them to blend into the crowd. One of the men quickly moved in front of His path, blocking him once more. Jon looked around, seeing the other suited guards watching, but the normal security seemed oblivious to the event transpiring. 'This isn't right, somethings way off,' Jon thought as he kept attempting in vain to get around the suited guard.
"Sir, if you don't come with us willingly we will have to do it by force."
Jon scowled at this. He didn't like that idea. He turned on his heel and started to walk over to the table. A purple line caught his eye as he did so, causing him to double check, before firmly pushing his body into motion towards the booth. His eyes scanned the people watching him. Several were passing glances his way, including the normal security guards. One of them looked confused as to why he was being escorted over. "This has to be something they can't do. The other security guards don't even know that I was supposed to be heading over here. What the hell is going on here?" He asked himself as he walked.
The security booth was far enough off to the side to be away from the crowd and overlooked, yet still close enough for the guards to be able to monitor the scene. He walked up to the front of it and held an exasperated expression on his face. A suited guard on the inside of the booth looked at him over the top of a newspaper. "Are you Jonathan Laake?"
"Possibly. Why? I haven't seen you here before," Jon leaned towards the glass separating the two of them and leaned on the lip of the booth, "I know all the guards here and you are new."
"Not new my boy, just a higher chain of command."
"Rent-a-cops don't have a chain of command."
"Well you're a witty bugger aren't you?" The man responded. "Now that I know you have been brought over here, the security will take ask you the questions, outside of the field."
"Why am I being kicked out?" Jon asked, instantly on the defensive. "I haven't done anything! This is stupid!"
"Seems like you are acting guilty to me," the guard responded with a devious smirk across his lips.
"This usual suspect bull is getting annoying."
A movement out of the corner of his eye caught Jon's attention. He turned to see Amber walking over towards the booth, with the odd short man in close stride behind her. "What trouble have you been blamed for this time?" Amber asked loudly on her way over.
"I'm not even sure. They won't tell me anything," Jon answered back, equally as loud. He was trying to draw as much attention to himself as possible, so more people from the crowd would look over to see.
Before Amber could reach Jon, a few suited guards stepped before her and stopped her in her tracks. She was a scrappy person, and tried to push and fight her way past, but not even the agile little Amber could make it past three guards. One of the guards looked up and saw the odd with the umbrella man watching the event and quickly broke away from the group, moving to the booth.
Jon looked back at the security guard in the booth as he said the words, "Get him away from here, and take him out of the area." Two guards moved towards Jon as he stood there in defiance. They pushed him and moved him towards the gate. Once he began moving the other guard arrived and quickly said to the man in the booth, "Art is here, Davis." Without missing a beat Davis, the guard in the booth, stood up and walked outside. He looked around, and saw Art, the short man with the umbrella, moving quickly through the gates that Jon was just escorted through.
"Don't let that man follow him!" Davis barked at the other guards. They each quickly started making movements to stop him, one pulling out a taser gun. Art looked back at the advancing guards and raised a hand to the first two before him. Their eyes widened as they feel to the ground, looking as though they had tripped. The other guards didn't stop to question it, and kept advancing. Art held up his other hand and in response, the feet of the guards stopped moving, causing them to also fall flat on their faces.
Amber watched carefully, seeing that the guards hadn't actually tripped, but rather that their feet had stopped moving. She stared perplexed at this idea as she carefully stepped around the guards and nearer to the gate that Art was heading to, and where Jon was just taken.
The guard with the taser gun leveled the gun at Art and pulled the trigger. In response, Art simply moved his pointer finger and middle finger away from each other to form a V shape. The two ends of the taser soared pasted Art's body, looking like a poorly aimed shot was fired. The guard dropped the gun and moved towards Art, only to trip naturally over the guards on the ground. Several of which looked to be unconscious. Art held his hook umbrella in his hand, and ran back where Jon was taken.
Jon fought back against the two men guiding him, but couldn't break from their reach or grasp. A car pulled up and the read door opened another suited person, dressed the exact same, was in the back seat of the car. "What the hell is this? You can't do this!" Jon yelled.
Amber came just in time to see the car pull up, not sure how she could help. Art quickly ran around the corner, seeing the scene unfold. He took a glance over his shoulder and then lifted his hand. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Amber watching the scene and paused for a moment. He regained his focus just as Jon was getting close to the car door. Art pointed a finger at the door of the car, causing it to slam closed on the hand of the man inside. A scream of pain was heard as the car moved forwards, down the aisle of the parking lot. Art put his hand down to see Amber staring at him watching his every move. "I can't do anything else without her knowing," He thought to himself. "She has already seen and noticed far too much."
Amber didn't have to worry about watching Art for long, as the fighting noises Jon was giving off drew her attention back to him in an instant. Jon fought and struggled against the people holding him. As the car door reopened and Jon drew closer, his struggling became more vicious. The rain was still falling hard, and around Jon, it seemed to be raining even harder. Jon was feet away from the car when suddenly he let out a frustrated yell. At this moment water gathered around Jon like a bubble. More and more water formed, soon having several inches of water hanging around Jon for a second or two. This water radiated outwards from Jon with great force, knocking the guards from him and sending them through the air. The back of the car was soon flooded with water, and was flipped over from the force of the radiating water.
"What the hell was that?" Amber shouted as the guard were airborne. She was frightened by the event before her.
Jon stood in the middle, completely unharmed, and looked around confused. He turned to see Amber standing next to the short man, who was holding his hand up towards Jon. The car behind jon quickly pulled off and ran speeding into a nearby tree, a few feet off. Amber and Jon locked eyes, neither knowing what to say, both wanting to run away, but both knowing they should stay. Art grabbed Amber by the arm and pulled her over towards Jon. She didn't fight it at all, almost wanting to be led over.
"My name is Art, pleasure to meet you Jonathon Laake. I think you should come with me now."
"How can I trust you any more than I can trust them?"
Art looked to be offended by the obvious question. "Because I just saved you and your girlfriends asses. And, you just knocked those two guards out cold with a bubble of water. Do you really have a choice? Plus, more guards will be heading over here soon."
"She's not my girlfriend," was the only response Jon could make. In all other aspects this man Art was correct. He didn't have much of a choice in the matter here, and neither did Amber.
"You are going to to come along too, lady," Art said while speaking to Amber. She gave no response but a nod of her head. Art guided the two over to a nearby parked car. The car was a silver, 2008 Porsche Panamera. Jon was impressed and interested in the vehicle, but inspecting it would have to come at another time. Amber and Jon both climbed into the back of the silver machine, Art getting behind the wheel and driving away.
The only sound in the car was that of the rain hitting the windshield. Amber was staring blankly at the floorboard and Jon was tracing water droplets once more. Art reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror to look at Jon. "How are you feeling?"
Jon kept tracing on the window as he responded. "I just blasted two people backwards and nearly got abducted at a high school football game, how do you think I am feeling?" Sarcasm dripped from his words.
"I meant how are you feeling physically? I know that the events that transpired would take a toll on a person, but not nearly as much as casting a uncontrolled spell like you did. Even more so having that spell be fueled by rage." Art switched his eyes between the concrete jungle before him, and Jon, who was hardly moving, he felt drained of something, empty almost. Never had he felt this way before, it was foreign and Jon didn't like it. It took him several minutes to catch on to exactly what Art had said.
"Wait spell? Like magic spell? Are you saying that's what happened back there?" Jon's head turned to look at Art's eyes in the mirror.
"How would you explain it?" Art asked using a tone that said, 'there is no other explanation.'
Jon was quite after this. Many thoughts were spinning around in head, but his mouth couldn't formulate words to offer any rebuttal or ask any questions. As the lights of the cit and passing cars filled the cabin the the light shone upon several shiny objects lining the interior of the car. Jon pulled out his cell phone to use it as a light to get a good view of the objects. There were several odd symbols carved along the roof and down the sides of the car. Any place where a symbol couldn't be scratched in it was painted. Jon was perplexed by this, he began to explore the car more finding symbols everywhere and lots of silver, trying not to wake Amber, who had fallen asleep, in the process. Silver knives, silver forks, silver necklaces, and silver bullets were among some of the oddities that he found. "What is all this stuff for?" Jon asked while shifting around the floorboard with his cell phone.
"Silver is a common weakness to supernatural creatures. Some are even repealed by it. It is a good common place to carry around as defense."
"Super..natural creatures? You must be joking me." Jon was beginning to think this man was just a little crazy.
"You have a lot to learn," Art replied calmly.
"Learn about what? What don't I know."
"As I said, a lot."
Jon didn't ask any more questions during the ride. Art was driving towards the southwestern part of the city, far beyond where Jon knew the city. After thirty minutes of driving, Art pulled the car up into a small apartment complex. It was three stories tall, and looked old and run down. Art climbed from the car, and slammed the drivers side door closed, waking Amber from her sleep. Art moved to the trunk of the car and opened it. Metal crashing on metal could be heard as he raided the back of his car. Jon opened the back door, helping Amber out of the car and moving to the back to see what Art was doing.
The trunk of the car was an armory. Gun, knives, strange pieces of paper with more odd symbols on it, stakes, and several objects with glowing symbols on them. Art withdrew a small pistol, and a silver knife. He concealed them under his trench coat and looked at the two teenagers to his side, "Lets get inside."
The rain was still falling as they moved in, tracking wet footprints over the title floor. The walls of the hallway were run down with paint chipping from them. Jon and Amber were both disturbed by the overall appearance of the building. Art was leading them to the door on the second floor, at the end of the hallway. Every room had a soft yellow glow from under the doors, and all of the doors looked to be of a very high quality and well maintained. Art pulled out a key and unlocked a very large black door with silver inlaid in the frame. Pushing it open was the sign for Amber and Jon to step in side. Art followed behind them and closed the door and then turned on a light.
The interior of the apartment didn't reflect the rest of the building in any way. It was in great shape, and a lot larger than the building looked like it could hold. There was a small kitchen on the right as Jon entered, and a living room was before him. All of the table and counter space was covered in many books and papers. The floor of the living room was wooden and had a large circle drawn on it. There was a similar circle drawn on the ceiling of the room. There was a sun room beyond the living room, and two other doors on either side of the living room.
Art pushed his way past the two as the gawked at the room. "Rather odd to see for the first time huh?" Art said casually as he opened the door on the right side of the living area and went in side.
Jon and Amber glanced at each other awkwardly, before taking more steps into the apartment. Jon thought to turn around and look back at the door, which had several symbols carved into it and the door frame. The walls were covered with more and more symbols. Neither Amber nor Jon had any clue what they were for. Amber moved over to a book and started flipping through it. "What the hell is this?" She said to herself. Jon looked at the book as well, equally confused. The pages were filled in a different language, which neither could identify. The pages had drawings of walls of water and tidal waves of water.
Amber picked up another book. It looked to be a college text book on physics and astrophysics. She found a bit of comfort in the fact that she could read this book at the very least. Several bookmarks were held in the pages, and Amber flipped to them casually. Gravity, neutrons, electromagnetism. Big words and big meanings she didn't understand.
Jon moved into the circle on the center of the floor next and felt oddly empowered. A feeling of fluidity overtook his body and to him he felt like water in each motion. Jon felt just as much at home here as he did when in the rain or under the water.
"That circle is a powerful focus," Art said upon exiting the room and seeing Jon in the center. "It takes the power you have, intensifies it, and allows you to focus it. Although if you were to try anything right now you would probably flood this room, which would be harmful to my books." Jon took the hint and stepped from the circle.
"What is all of this stuff for? I mean, why do you need all these books and all those symbols on the walls?"
"The books are all research. Magic isn't something that just happens. It is a discipline. It is-"
"Could you please not call it magic, there is no such thing," Jon interjected into Art's talking.
"There is such a thing. Magic does exist, and as I was saying it is a discipline, a devotion. Something I think you will have a hard time adhering to." Art said while locking eyes with Jon.
"You mean to tell me that magic, actual magic, exists? Wizards are real? They can really summon fireballs and control water and do all that stuff?" Amber asked.
In response Art raised his right hand and hovered a book from one of the counters and moved it over to her. The book remained closed as he circled her head as though an invisible person were moving it around her. Slowly it drifted down to her hands and Art said, "Magic isn't exactly how you are thinking," Art began.