I am a guy. sometimes it occurs to me to draw a thing. these things I share with you!

most of it is unfinished or ridiculous but w/e

stuff is oldest to newest

the Wario page

basically uh this is just straight nonsense. I started out testing out this paint pen I'd gotten by drawing a (not yet Wario'd) silhouette of a head, then I wrote down "THEREMIN" because I kept forgetting what a theremin was, and then I drew myself knee-kicking a fridge through a goalpost, and it sort of followed from there. there are tons of song lyrics and general notes. I think this might be what my brain looks like on the inside.

Shan Fei

I'm quite happy with this one, with the exception of one thing; his arms are a fucking mile long. his pants are quite baggy, so I lost track of where his knees are, and then the proportion of arm to body that would be proper for a human being. the clothing is sort of overboard, too. it's pretty old, so I like to think I've learned from my mistakes.

I like his expression, though. it's very "uh-buh!?"

considering what this guy has to go through, "uh-buh!?" is quite appropriate.

Chance Corail

was a pretty quick job. so the hands look like absolute shit. the hair and the hat looks sort of weird, too, and he only has the one eye because I was in a hurry, but I think I managed to make his clothing look decently similar to cloth, at least.

I kind of hate the convention of all concept art having the character giving the camera a cheesy grin, so I'm trying to inject a little personality.


hey, that name sounds familiar.

it's a cat, though. I'm not a cat. the name has some thematic importance, and is also sort of a shout out to Earthbound I guess.

this was another quick one. someone wanted some reference for King, so I drew it up in like an hour. he is a maintenance robot, shaped like a cat, who wear a children's windbreaker and carries a gun. he's gonna be the main dude of a platformer eventually, if I ever get off my ass and finish all my projects.


I love that name. RIP, Megaman poops.

this, I just finished ("finished"; you'll notice he's missing his right arm) a day or two ago. I guess I got back on the pagedoodle horse. he wears jeans because he is modest. he wears a championship belt because he is proud. he's a general-use robot with a military peacekeeping background, but he likes to put all that behind him. he drives around the country in a '66 Chevy Impala with his two best friends, who are also robots, and has adventures. he carries around an original Moog Liberation keytar, and it serves him as a weapon when shit gets too hot to handle (which it always does).

more to come, I guess. I finally have a scanner, thanks to a friend of mine who wasn't using his, so my potential for posting half-finished sketches on the internet is infinite.