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Hello people of RE:RN. I'm called many things, but I've decided to call myself Alpha for the time being. I'm here to request art from the (Asator recommended) artists (and to possibly RP if I get bored enough) here. Without further to say, I'd like to introduce you to the person that I named Alpha on another site. If he comes here (which he might. I'm liking him a wee bit) I'll probably name him Herecy.

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Alpha holds the appearance of a man in his mid-to-late teens. He stands at the reasonably average height of about 5'8", with a light build, though well muscled. His weight is average for his height and build. His very pale, blond hair is waist length, tied into a ponytail. His body is wrapped in a skin tight layer of black (something vaguely similar to) fabric, over which he wears multiple pieces of armor.
His body armor consists of a dull blue chest piece, with grey armor wrapped around his upper left arm and extending up to cover his deltoid. Engraved (and marked in a bright vibrant red) in this armor piece is an eight pointed star (design forthcoming). Both forearms are covered in dull blue bracers that have reflective orange crystalline panels to cover the elbow. When held straight, the armor of his left arm meets with itself and there is minimal visible joint fabric on the outer hinge. His right arm has a vibrant red gem located near the wrist. The armor on his back has two small extrusions high on his back, just above the inner edge of the shoulder blade.
His leg armor is split into two distinct pieces, dull blue grieves with reflective orange crystalline spikes that extrude over his knees, and grey armor plates that wrap around his thighs. His boots are thick soled, with the material of the sole wrapping up and around most of his foot. Both boots have red gems on the feet, though these are much less bright than the ones on his wrist and helmet. A gray codpiece is right where it should be, and on the back of his right hip is a small box, though it doesn't appear to do much at present.
Concealing his eyes is a visor, from the same orange crystalline material,  marking it out distinctly from the blue V fins of his core head piece. A pair of spikes point back from his ears, covering them and serving as an anchor for his visor. His forehead is adorned with a brilliant red gem that gives off a faint light. Between the V fins and spikes is covered with black (super-) fabric, and his lower face can also be covered by it if he chooses to. Between the two arms of his head fins is NOT covered, so his hair spikes from it.

His trademark weapon, the A-Saber takes a form similar to a light saber when not in use, a simple unmarked cylinder with a single button on one side.
This weapon can be put away, hanging from his left hip when not in use, but he prefers to keep it active and pulsing. The weapon, when active, takes the form of a (roughly) triangular energy blade about 45 centimeters wide at the base and 1.5 meters long. It has a distinct 'forward' edge coming down to cover the wielder's hand and the back side having it's blade hemmed at a 45 degree angle up from the hilt. The forward edge is roughly a 151cm long, and starts about ten centimeters down from the 'base' of the initial triangle. It cuts back at a 90 degree angle until it hits the backside of the sword, which is where it melds to the back edge.
I've got two other sprites that I've agreed to do first, and no knowing how long that'll take, but I'll try my hand at spriting your guy right afterwards.
Thanks for considering it. If at all possible, I'd prefer multiple 'overworld' angles, rather than an in battle sprite.
Are you using the sprite for registering a character here? Just asking because it is not required to have a sprite in your registration, most members do not have sprites in the beginning.

Quote (Alpha)

Thanks for considering it. If at all possible, I'd prefer multiple 'overworld' angles, rather than an in battle sprite.

It's all Grim's. : D
In actuality, I just want the sprite. Actually RPing here is something I'll consider, but from what I've seen of your battle system much of my RPing style would be discarded for the sake of the rules. While I enjoy challenges, I'd rather not lose my style completely.