Gah, so embarrassing...

Alright, as proof that everyone can improve with age, I am going to post a FF7 fanfic that I wrote...Many, many years ago. It is a sad, embarrassing sight, so try not to laugh too much. Also...Don't mind the obvious plagiarism...

Chapter 1: A Past Forgotten
He was only five, but he was already forced to fight. His parents abandoned him at birth and he was forced to live out his life working for Shinra. The only true things he got from his parents were the name Sean Larkin, a childhood loneliness and intense training, and a future filled with war and bloodshed recruited in the Shinra Soldier division army.

Today was the first time he had ever held a sword. For the past two hours he had been listening to his instructor about the art of sword play and the deadliness of the weapon he held. He learned to thrust, parry, slash, and block. All of the basic maneuvers and attacks. He was even taught about the gruesome details of warfare. The way a sword sliced through the skin and magic could burn, freeze, or do anything else to the human body. Looking at the photos of the dead and dying, he had to puke more than once. As he stood there swinging his blade to mimic his instructor, he thought to himself, "So this is going to be my life, slash, thrust, kill, maim, and destroy. How can I withstand this torture of the soul?"

Over the years he grew hardened to the horrors of war and bloodshed. His soul and compassion withered away to a blackened lump. He sat in his room, barely a boy of ten and already scared, inside and out. There was a sharp knock on the door and it was abruptly opened. Seeing the man's rank, Sean stood immeadiatly and saluted.
"At ease. You are Soldier trainee Sean Larkin, correct?" asked the man.
"Yes sir, I am Sean Larkin."
"Good, it is time for your next step in becoming a member of Soldier."
"Yes sir. May I ask, What step is that sir?"
"You are to be showered with Mako to increase your physical and mental performance."
"Yes sir."
Sean followed the man through a series of hallways to a security door. Taking a key card from his pocket, the man slid the card through a slot on the wall. The lock on the door released and the man opened it. They walked into another hall and the door locked behind them. Sean could hear machinery buzzing in the rooms along the hall. They walked past a few doors and entered a large room filled with tanks and computers. Sean could see other kids his age through the windows in the tanks. A tall man in a lab coat walked up to them.
"This the one Heinz?" asked the tall man.
"Yes Jack." answered the man named Heinz.
"Ok, Sean Larkin right?"
"Alright Sean, the Mako tank is ready. Go ahead and step in."
Jack led Sean to an opened tank and gestured for him to step in. Sean stepped in and Heinz buckled him into the tank. Jack closed the lid and walked over to a computer. As he pressed a few buttons the tank started to hum.
"So that is what I heard." thought Sean.
As the humming grew louder, a light blue-green liguid started to fall from the top of the tank. The liquid Mako washed over him making his worn body feel renewed. He felt his strength increase dramatically as the liquid poured over him. His heart began to pound and his blood pulsed in his veins. The power of the Mako flowed through him. He felt like he could do anything, even take over the world. A second more and it was over. The humming stopped and the Mako ceased flowing. Sean could see Jack opening the tank. Heinz picked up something from his desk and joined Jack.

As soon as Sean was out of the tank they helped him over to a chair. His body felt weak again. It was like his strength left with the Mako.
"Ok Sean, you are now ready for your second part of your training." said Jack.
"Here are your first materia: Fire, Ice, and Restore. Equip the to your sword as soon as you get to your room." said Heinz.
"Thank you sirs." was all he could say.
He grabbed the three glowing green balls and left the room. He headed back to his dorm and equiped the materia to his sword.

Sean spent the next six years practicing with his materia and his sword. On his sixteenth birthday he finally reached his goal. He attained Soldier 1st class. He celebrated that day, achieving his only goal, but his celebration didn't last. The next day, President Rufus held a meeting with Soldier.
"As you all know, Shinra is fighting Fort Condor. I am planning on sending a large group there in a few days and I need ten Soldiers to head the battle. I need ten of you to volunteer." said Rufus.
"I'll go!" said Sean as he jumped to his feet. He was restless for battle and thought this would be a good opportunity to show off his skill.
"Good. Now I just need nine more."
Slowly, nine more Soldiers rose to their feet and requested to go.
"Good. You ten get packed. You leave tomorrow." said Rufus as he left the Soldier barracks.
Chapter 2: Battle At Fort Condor
It was near dawn when Sean headed to the hanger. He was wearing his normal outfit of a plain white dress shirt, black jeans, hiking boots, leather sword belt, and brown leather jacket. Not wanting to be unprepared, he checked his sword for materia and his pack for necessary supplies.
"Let's see; ten hi-potions, ten ethers, food, water, tent, and bandages. Damn, I only have five minutes left." He said while checking his watch.
He shouldered his pack and jogged the rest of the way to the hanger. He reached the group of Soldiers just as their commander started the debriefing.
"Glad to see you could make it Larkin. Now, as I was saying, you ten are going to be transported to Fort Condor by chopper. Once there, you will meet up with the rest forces and lead the attack. Your main objectives are to eliminate the stronger enemy forces, eliminate any shooters, and arrive at the shack at the top of the mountain. Do you understand?" said the commander.
"Yes sir!" the group responded at once.
"Sir, we are ready for lift off." said the pilot.
"Good. You boys have fun!"
Sean and the rest of the Soldiers entered the chopper and took off their packs. The commander stepped away as the chopper took off.
"Hey Sean, what's wrong? You look sort of down." said one of the Soldiers, Sean thought his name was Gren.
"'s nothing. I was just thinking. Why are we going to fight the people at Fort Condor?"
"That's easy, because Rufus told us too."
"I mean, what's the real reason?"
"Who needs a reason? We get to kill!" said another Soldier.
"You're sick Frank. Real sick!" said Gren.
Sean lost interest in the conversation and let his mind drift.
The chopper ride was short and they soon arrived at the Fort. The chopper landed and the group filed out. An old man walked over to them.
"You must be the Soldier boys the president sent over. I'm General Dukes."
"Sean Larkin, Soldier 1st Class, what kind of forces are we going to be dealing with General?"
"Well, they have a few shooters, some nurses, a couple of engineers, but the brute of their forces are defenders and fighters. There are also a few tristoners and flame catapults."
"Where are the catapults and tristoners located?"
"Just below the shack. They're blocking the paths up."
"That will be a problem."
"No it won't. We'll just sent our monsters up to take care of them"
"You have monsters? How do you control them?"
"Shinra mind control device. Well, we better get this battle started." the General said as he walked over to command his troops.

The troops formed attack waves and held their lines. The Soldiers would attack first and eliminate the shooters. Then the flying monsters would take out the fighters. The land monsters and other troops would take out the rest.

Sean heard the General signal and the attack was underway. He drew his sword and rushed up the trail. A defender ran to meet him. The man swung his sword, but Sean ducked and thrust his blade into the man's gut. The man toppled over. Sean yanked his sword free, it's blade stained crimson. Another defender ran at him. Sean raised his sword to parry the blow and kneed the man in the groin. As the man fell, Sean chopped off his head. He raced further up the trail to reach the shooters.

Suddenly, a white hot pain shot through his arm. Blood ran through a gun shot wound in Sean's shoulder. A shooter stood twelve feet away, his gun smoking. Sean raised his sword and yelled "Fire3!" A bright fire exploded under the shooter and he was in flames. The fire reached a sack of powder at his waist and exploded. The man was blown apart. Sean felt a grim sense of satisfaction.

Again he raced up the trail, killing man after man. He was nearing the shack now, nearing the massive weapons of destruction. A tristoner opened in front of him. Three huge boulders rolled on top of him. He was knocked back and slid down the mountain path. He stopped at the edge of a cliff, his body cut and bruised. A flaming catapult launched a fire ball from the top of the mountain. The flaming projectile headed straight for him, but he was too dazed to move. It exploded in front of him, knocking him of the cliff. He fell twenty feet and landed on the hard rock below. A boulder fell and snapped his leg. His head cracked against the ground. Then, everything went black.
Chapter 3: The Rebirth
He awoke days later in a chocobo carriage. A haze settled over his mind and he couldn't remember his past. He struggled in vain to grasp the fading images of his old life, barely recovering brief glimpses of his past that faded in an instant. Finally, he gave up the hopeless struggle, he knew that fighting the fading of his memories was useless. He tried to rise from his bed, but was held down by a firm grip. He opened his blurry eyes and saw an old woman sitting next to him, tending to his almost fully healed leg.
"Easy now." said the woman, "You took quite a fall back there. You're lucky I found you in time or you might of lost that leg. It is strange, your leg is almost as good as new only a few days after the fall."
"Where am I?" he asked wearily. Then realizing the full extent of his fading memories. "Who am I?"
"Damn, I thought this might happen. You took a bad knock on the noggin back there. I think you have amnesia."
"Amnesia? What's that?"
"Technically, it's a loss of memories concerning one's past. I would call it a pain in the @$$ though. I might be able to fill in a little of what has happened to you. You are in my carriage. I found you at the bottom of a cliff at Fort Condor a few days ago. From the looks of your wounds, I would saw you were fighting in that battle at the Fort. You might of worked for Shinra."
"Shinra? That sounds familiar."
" would be a shame for a nice looking boy like you to be fighting for the Shinra. It doesn't matter though, the Shinra lost the battle due to the help of Avalanche."
"Avalanche? There was an avalanche on the mountain?"
"No, no my young friend, Avalanche is a group of people. Shinra says they are terrorists, but I think they are a group of freedom fighters. Anyway, you might not of been with the Shinra. You might of been helping the fort. As for your name, I found your wallet. Your ID was inside, but it was burnt pretty badly. I could make out part of it though. It said Lark. I guess that is your first name."
"Lark....that's familiar too. I guess that is my name. Thanks for helping me." "No problem Lark. I've treated all of your wounds to the best of my ability and I don't know anything else I can do for you. Is there any place I could drop you off at?" "No, I don't know any place."
"Well, there's a town a couple of miles north of here. I think it's called Cavion. You can get back on your feet there. You might even settle down. Well, I have to leave you now Lark. Remember, the towns to the north."
Lark climbed off the carriage and waved farewell to the old lady. As the carriage rolled away, he thought to himself, "I never even learned her name." With that last thought, he turned north toward the city of Cavion and a new life.
Chapter 4: Briana
Finally he reached the village of Cavion. The trip was a few more miles than he expected and his joints were stiff from his recuperating rest. Looking around, he saw that the village was larger than most. But no where near as large as the gigantic Midgar. The houses and shops looked cheerful and the citizens seemed to not have a care in the world.
On the way to Cavion, Lark searched his belongings and found a few hundred gil. He hoped this would be enough to buy some supplies to last him while he got back on his feet, although he didn't know if he ever was on his feet to begin with. He strolled through the city streets looking for an item shop and stopped in front of a large building. A sign on the building read: "Leah Item Shop." Below that, another sign said: "Help Wanted."
"This looks like the place." He said to himself, "Maybe I can get a job too."
Nodding in satisfaction, Lark entered the shop. There was isle after isle of different items and medications. He headed to the service counter and rang a silver bell that was on the counter. From a door behind the counter came a young woman. She was about Lark's age and very beautiful. She was the most beautiful girls Lark had ever seen or remembered seeing anyway.
"Such a pretty smile." He thought dreamily. "It is radiant. A smile befitting of such a gorgeous woman. Her lips are red like the purest rose. How I wish to touch those lips with mine. To succumb to my innermost desires and bask in her radiant glow."
"Uh...excuse me, May I help you?" she asked, her smile brightening as if reading his thoughts.
" Uh huh." he stammered, his mind returning from his indecent thoughts.
"Are you always this articulate?" she asked, trying to subdue a giggle.
"Huh? Oh...sorry."
"I don't mind at all. We rarely get travelers to Cavion and I like to speak with them of their adventures."
"I am not much of a traveler. I can't tell you much of my adventures either. I can't remember them."
"Amnesia?" she sighed the word as if disappointed.
"Yep, that's what this old woman told me. I'm Lark."
"No last name?"
"No, I can't remember that either."
"Well Lark, I'm Briana. Briana Leah, pleasure to meet you."
"No madam, the pleasure is mine." he said and watched as her face flushed bright red. Then, "I was wondering about that "Help Wanted" sign out side. I am thinking about settling down."
"Settling down in Cavion? That's great! Come and speak with my father."
Before Lark could say a word, she led him into the back room of the shop, up a flight of stairs, down a hallway, and into a dimly lit office. Sitting behind a desk was a man in his early fifties. He was well built and looked like a season traveler. He had fiery red hair and green eyes, which were a sharp contrast to Briana's light brown hair and hazel eyes. At the sound of their entering, he looked up from some papers on his desk.
"Hello Briana, who's your friend?"
"Hi dad, this is Lark. He's new in Cavion and needs a job. He came asking about the position."
"Oh really, that's great. Hello Lark, I'm Mr. Leah. You may call me Rone."
"Yes sir, Mr. Leah." said Lark nervously.
"I said you can call me Rone."
"Oh yes, sorry. I am a little nervous."
"You want the job. Do you have any experience?"
"No, not really."
"Well, it doesn't really matter. You won't need any experience for this job. You're hired. You can start tomorrow. Since you're new in town, you can stay in our guest room until you can get a house."
"Mr. Leah...I mean Rone, I wouldn't want to impose on you and your daughter."
"It's no trouble at all Lark."
With that, Lark and Briana left the office and went to the guest room.
"I hope you like it here Lark." said Briana.
"I am sure I will like it a lot." replied Lark.
The next few months were the happiest of Lark's life. His love for Briana grew with each fleeting moment, as did her love for him. Soon they started dating and a few months latter he proposed to her. She accepted and they planned to be married in the weeks to come. Then one day, Rone called Lark into his office.
"Lark, I want to give you something."
"Rone, you don't have to give me anything. I have everything I could ever want."
"I know me boy, but I feel you must have something. You will soon be marrying my daughter and I want you to be able to protect her. This is a weapon created by druids and given to my ancestor, Menion Leah. It has been passed down through my family for generations. Now it is mine and I give it to you. The Sword of Leah." said Rone as he passed Lark the leather sheath containing the sword.
The handle was golden and a dragon was carved into the gold. Lark drew the sword and gasped in surprise. The blade was made of a blue crystal and glowed brightly in the dim room.
"What manner of sword is this?" asked Lark.
"As I said, the sword was forged by druids. It is an enchanted weapon. The blade is made of Elven crystals and glows a deep blue. The glow is said to warn of danger. The brighter the glow, the graver the danger.
"This is the finest sword I have ever seen."
"Yes, it is a beautiful weapon, but it is also deadly. The blade is indestructible and said to increase the holders power. I want you to wear it proudly and protect Briana."
"You have my word that I will do my best to protect my beloved Briana."
Lark then sheathed the sword and belted it to his waist.
"From this day forward I have a heritage once again. I am Lark Leah.
"Good, now get down there and do your job."
Lark left the room and headed down stairs to help Briana.
Chapter 5: Village of Destruction
It was the week before their marriage and Lark was helping Briana check the store inventory. Suddenly, a loud ringing sounded from outside.
"What's that ringing?" asked Lark.
"It sounds like the warning bell. Something must be wrong." responded Briana.
"I'll check it out. You stay here and finish the inventory."
"Ok Lark"
Lark rushed out the door and into the city streets. The streets were packed with people who had heard the bell. Two men were standing in the middle of the masses and were having a heated conversation. One of them Lark recognized as being the city mayor. The other, Lark didn't know. He wore a suit and had long black hair. Lark made his way through the crowd to listen to what the two men were talking about.
"President Rufus here by commands that this city be put under military control until the completion of a Mako reactor in this area." said the man.
"Look Mr. Tseng, this is a peaceful village. We owe the Shinra nothing and we will not be put under military control. The citizens of Cavion will not stand for this. There will be no Mako reactor." said the mayor.
"Look, I'll give you a choice, you either submit to the presidents orders or Cavion will be destroyed."
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Oh, wouldn't I? I'll take that as a no." with that, Tseng took a gun from one of his troops and shoot the mayor in the head. Blood sprayed over the crowd.
At the sound of the gun shot, fifty more Shinra soldiers rushed into the village and started killing the towns people. Lark rushed back to the items shop to warn Briana.
"Briana!" he yelled.
"What is it Lark? I heard a gun."
"Briana, get up stairs and stay with Rone. The mayors been killed and the Shinra are attacking. Make sure you barricade this door." He turned to run back outside.
"Where are you going?" she asked.
"I have to go out there and help the other villagers."
"But you could be killed! I want you to stay here with me."
"Briana, I must go. I cannot stand by and let them be killed."
"You're right. I was being selfish. Go Lark...."
Lark pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Then he turned and ran back outside. Briana barricaded the door and ran up the stairs. Tears tricked down her cheeks.
As Lark left the items shop, he could immediately see the carnage the Shinra had down. Shrieks filled the air and the ground was bathed in dark red blood. Everywhere there was signs of death. Dozens of bodies littered the streets, the corpses being trampled on as the remaining villagers fled the Shinra massacre. Soldiers hacked, stabbed, and shot the helpless people. Few villagers fought back, only a dozen or so. The people used whatever they could to fight with, swords, axes, stones, logs, all were used as weapons.
Anger washed over Lark and he lost all notions of common sense. He drew the Sword of Leah and swung at the first soldier he saw. His hack chopped of the man's sword arm. Blood spurted from the ravaged stump. He fell to his knees and cried out in agony. With one quick swipe, Lark took off the man's head, his cries ended for eternity. A red haze fell over Lark's vision as he stalked for his next victim.
Another soldier was spraying bullets into a group of people with a machine gun. Lark slipped behind him and plunged his sword though the man's back. The blue crystal blade ripped through the spinal cord, cut into his heart, and thrust out his chest. Lark ripped his sword out with such force that blood flew everywhere. He saw a shadow creep behind him. The figure swung a blade at his head. In one fluid motion, Lark ducked, turned, and stabbed the man in his belly. The man's sword fell to the ground just as his guts oozed through the bloody hole.
A scream cut through the air. Lark recognized the voice as Briana's. He raced down the body filled streets and ran through what was left of the item shop door. Two bodies lay limp on the floor and a man loomed over them. The man looked up at Lark's entry, surprise filled his eyes.
"Sean? Is that you? Man, we thought you were dead." said the man.
"Lark could say nothing. He looked from the man to the body of Rone. The old man's head was completely cut away. A puddle of blood stained the carpet. Lark then turned to Briana. Her skin was pale and her face was swollen. Her life blood flowed freely from a gash across her chest. She looked like she had been beaten before killed. The man noticed Lark gaze at the dead girl.
"She's a real beauty, huh? Well, at least she was. I thought I might have some fun with her before I left. I even beat some sense into her pretty head. Then this old bastard attacked me from behind. I took care of him, but then she started fighting back harder. Finally, I just said 'To hell with it!' and killed her."
Again Lark could say nothing. He locked eyes with the man and his rage grew. His body trembled as the anger burned within him.
"Sean? You ok, Sean? You do remember me right? It's me Gren. You know, Gren, from Soldier."
"Briana..." Lark said softly. "You killed beloved Briana."
Lark raised his sword and let out a yell of fury. He slashed ferociously at the startled young man. He killed the man with his first strike, but continued to slash and stab. He unleashed his full fury on the young man. Finally Lark stopped, the man was little more that a bloody mess on the floor. Lark's hand angerly clinched his sword. He turned and stumbled out of the shop. A dark figure stood outside the shop. He was a man dressed entirely in black. A large sword was slung across his back. Lark looked around, but they were the only ones on the street. All the Shinra soldiers were either dead or retreating, the houses and shops were burning, and Lark heard some villagers in the square.
"We won" Lark said.
"Oh no Sean. These people have won. Your battle is just beginning." said the man.
"What do you mean. We do people keep calling me Sean?"
"Now is not the time for answers, but know this, your destiny awaits."
The dark man raised his head and Lark could see his face. Lark's eyes widened in shock. The face before him was his own.
"Who are you?" asked Lark.
"You shall know soon enough."
With that, the man slammed his fist into Lark's chin. Lark reeled over, unconscious. Then the man turned and vanished into the shadows.
Chapter 6: Wandering

**Note: Guess what! There is more violence in this chapter! Yeah!**
Lark decided to leave Cavion the next day. His mind was full of uncertainties, but he was sure that there was nothing left for him in Cavion. Briana was dead and the village was in ruins. Only a handful of people survived the attack and they were all wounded.
Lark quickly packed up some extra clothes and the little bit of food he could find. The only semi-useful thing he could find was a Lightning materia, which he equipped to his armlet with the other three. Soon he was ready to leave and without a word or knowledge of where he was going, he set off into the forests and plains around Cavion. He knew only that he wanted to get as far away as he could from the village, so he set out for Junon Harbor.
Questions jammed his head. Why did the Shinra attack Cavion? That was easy to answer. The Shinra are ruthless, power-hungry, and greedy. They would do anything if it helped them achieve their goals. Who was that man that looked like him? That one was a little harder. That man could have been anyone or anything. He might have even been a clone. He had heard of such things, clones being made without the knowledge of the original person. Why was everyone calling him Sean? He didn't remember that name and didn't recognize anyone he had seen. Most importantly, what did that man mean when he said, "Your battle is just beginning."?
"For that answer," Lark said out loud, "I will just have to wait."
He looked around and saw that the sun was sinking below the horizon. He didn't realize that he had walked for so long. His stomach rumbled from lack of food and his legs ached from the days march. Slowly, he set up camp in a grove of trees and lit a small fire. Then he ate a small meal and went to sleep.
A low growl aroused him from his sleep. He looked around and saw a small dragon just outside the firelight.
"What? There isn't supposed to be any dragons around here." Lark said sleepily.
He rose to his feet and drew his sword from its sheath lying next to him. He noticed other shadowy figures roaming around him beyond the firelight. There were at least ten of them, each the size of a Nibel Wolf. One dragon let out a menacing growl and started toward him. It flashed its gleaming white teeth in a wicked grin. The teeth were like blades jutting from its gapping maw. It lowered its body onto its hind legs and sprang for Lark's throat, but Lark turned away and sliced the dragon's side. The wounded beast cried in fury and the other dragons tightened the circle around Lark.
"They're not going to let me go. This could get ugly," said Lark. Then he turned toward the wounded dragon. "I hope this finishes you off. Ice!"
A cold wind blew around them and large shards off ice slammed into the dragon. The shards pierced its scaled skin like an armor-piercing bullet. Its blood crystallized as it seeped through the fist-sized holes. The dragon fell to the ground under the weight of its frozen body. Its unholy cries ended and it lay motionless, dead.
Another dragon dived at Lark, but he ducked under the spear point claws and thrusted his sword into the beasts soft underbelly. Lark swung the convulsing dragon off his sword and it collided with two other charging dragons.
Some of the black ichor that is dragon's blood dripped down the Sword of Leah and fell onto Lark's hand. The thick blood burned his skin.
"This stuff's like acid!" He yelled.
Suddenly, the blue crystalline sword flared to life. The black blood melted away as the sword started to glow with an inner fire. A picture of a charging dragon filled Lark's mind and he turned in time to see the beast lunge at him. Green saliva dripped from between its teeth and a foul stench exploded from its rotting jaw. Lark sidestepped just in time to avoid its rotting teeth. He swung his sword in a wide arch above the dragon's head. It stared, dazzled by the blue light. Lark swung again, chopping off the dragon's head.
A shrill scream erupted behind him. He turned and saw a dragon being eaten through by another's corrosive blood. Another dragon was already a pile of blackened bones.
Five dragons lay dead at his feet and the other half started circling his aggressively. He whirled to meet the first dragon as it jumped at his back. Lark arched his sword upward and sliced across its chest. Two more rushed in at his sides, only to be cut down by quick slashes of the glowing sword. Two dragons were left, fear showing in their eyes. One turned to flee, but Lark was overcome with bloodlust.
"Bolt!" He yelled.
The night sky darkened even more with the magical energy. Thunder cracked and a bolt of lightning flashed through the air. It crackled and sizzled as it struck the beast's body. It convulsed as the lightning jolted through it. It fell to the ground, one more dead.
The remaining dragon knew it would die. It gave a roar of fury and sprang at Lark. Its jaw clamped onto his arm, its teeth sunk into his flesh. With a rush of adrenaline, Lark hurled the beast away and stepped back toward the fire. The beast rose again and charged at Lark. He turned away just in time and the dragon fell into the fire. The fire crackled in delight and burned brighter. The beast cried in agony as the flames consumed it. From the fire rose the stench of charred flesh.
Slowly, Lark turned away from the fire and sat back against a tree. His right arm ached from the dragon's bite.
"Cure." He said softly as the blue light surrounded his arm and the magic healed the wound.
A roar sounded from above him. Startled, he looked up and saw a huge beast flying above him. Its scales were blacker than the night and a thick mane of blonde hair topped its head. Its teeth gleamed brightly in the firelight. Lark could see sword like teeth jutting from its jaw. The teeth shined like the souls of the people consumed by this great beast. It roared again and a jet of purple flame shot from its mouth.
"Dammit! Not another dragon. This ones an adult too." Lark said wearily.
Slowly he got to his feet, leaning on his sword for balance. He looked up at the dragon's floating form and raised his sword in defiance. The dragon roared again, showering flames through the air. Then it swooped upwards and glided around Lark, preparing to dive. Lark turned with the shadowy dragon, making sure to keep his eye on it at all times.
Suddenly, the dragon turned away and flew behind Lark with remarkable speed. It locked its wings and dived at him. Lark turned just in time to see the flame glowing in the dragon's mouth. The dark fire exploded from its mouth just as Lark jumped away. He landed hard on the ground and rolled away from the gliding dragon. The ground where he was standing was blackened and barren.
Chapter 7: A Dragon Enraged

The huge beast dived again and again, Lark narrowly missing the scorching flame each time. The dragon roared in fury and the glowing embers spewed forth.
"This is getting ridiculous!" shouted Lark. "I have to knock it out of the air!"
The dragon turned again, ready to dive. Lark eyed the creature warily, but stood his ground. He waited as the dragon swooped down at him. The dragon opened its mouth, the flames glowing in its throat. The fire roared from its jaw, forcing Lark to dive away from the arc of flame.
"Damn! It won't come close enough for me to attack. I'll have to use my materia."
The dragon circled above him, watching his every movement. It roared again, scorching the air with its fire like some sort of ritual ceremony. Lark watched the dragon fly, focusing his mind on it. The materia in his armlet flared to life, glowing bright green as he summoned their power. The dragon soared closer, intrigued by the glowing spheres.
"Ice!" Lark shouted.
The air turned cold around him, shards of ice crystallizing in the air. Then the shards shot toward the dragon, ripping through its armored scales. The dragon roared in agony as the frozen spears ripped through its side and underbelly. Drops of the dragon's black blood fell to the earth, forcing Lark to dive away from the acidic ichor. The dragon roared again, sending up another explosion of flames. Lark called upon his materia again.
"Bolt" he yelled as the orb flashed green.
Clouds, darker than the night itself, covered the moon. The sky overhead rumbled with fury as a lightning bolt shot out of the clouds. The bolt hit the dragon, sending convulsions through its body.
The dragon turned its head toward Lark. The piercing gaze of its emerald green eyes showed murderous hate. It roared in challenge, the sound alone enough to knock Lark back. It opened its mouth again, spewing forth the dark fire. Lark dove away, the force of the flame exploding into the earth carried him through the air.
Lark crashed hard against the ground. A large crater was all that was left of where he stood. He picked himself up, wincing as pain shot up his left arm. The left sleeve of his jacket was torn and a large gash ran down his arm from when he landed on the rocky ground. Warm, sticky blood ran freely down his arm from the open wound. Slowly, he called forth the magic from his Cure materia. The sphere glowed dimly, but he was not healed.
"Damn! I need to recharge my magic."
The dragon continued to circle above him, undaunted by Lark's magical assault. It sensed the battle was almost won. It roared triumphantly and dove down for the kill.
"Come and get me you bastard!" Lark yelled with all his remaining strength.
The fear, anger and pain inside him boiled together into hate. Mentally, he channeled that hate toward the dragon, trying to call out some stronger force to destroy the beast. Suddenly, his arms started to glow bright blue. The glow brightened as blue fire shot down the length of his arms. He raised his arms toward the diving dragon, willing the flames to consume it.
"Druid Flame!" he yelled as the fire blasted toward the dragon.
The inferno of blue fire exploded into the dragon and engulfed it. The beast roared in agony as the flames charred its scales. The fire consumed the air around it. It grew stronger as it burned, as if it was feeding on the dragon's pain. The dragon roared again as the fire covered its entire body. It thrashed through the air, trying to quench the sapphire flames. The fire burned through the soft skin of the dragon's wings and the beast plummeted to the ground. The ground shook from the beast's impact and a storm of dust flew into the air. The dirt and stones whirled through the air, but the flames continued to burn as if they were eternal.
Abruptly, the fire flared up and died away. The dragon convulsed on the ground, its body shaking violently.
"That's got to hurt.," said Lark as he stepped toward the dying beast.
Lark lifted his sword above his head and prepared to strike down. He chopped at the dragon's neck, but stopped in mid-swing. The dragon started to glow and its form became distorted. Its size diminished as its form became human-like. Lark fell backwards as he saw what the dragon had become. The dragon had changed into a human woman.
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