well, I'm sitting here in school, quite bored, because these people wont speed up, so I'm gonna start on putting down this story I have been writing down in my mind for a couple days now. Its about a random kid in a random town who randomly gets selected for scientific experimentation by the government. Its all the rage anyways (or so the news says) so no one really objects.

The story is done in first person. I hope you enjoy.

Through werewolf eyes.

I guess, I should start from the beginning. My name is Muxxi (I know its strange), I grew up in a small town around the coast of Maine. Of course, we didn't know it wasn't part of the country of Alaska back then (and now I know why it made the city guards laugh). I didn't have a rough childhood, I didn't have a fancy one either. I ended up being smart enough to be placed in an advance line of schooling. I took a genuine interest in science courses, but mainly I had a thing for English courses.

I loved reading fantasy stories, I still do. I've noticed, whenever there were people in class to evaluate the school's performance, they always looked at me as they wrote things down whenever I was reading my books or had one out.

There were odd things every once and a while, usually incurring a small wave of rumors before everyone got caught up in everyday life. For one, a popular way to make quick money for people moving out of their parents' basements was submitting to scientific tests. This has been popular since...well, forever, and it has no signs of fading. Another thing was, every once and a while, someone will realize that the world isn't what it seems. They try to spread the word to anyone they can: "THIS WORLD IS FAKE!". The government quickly places those people in the mental institution. I've heard that they don't let anyone see the people in the wing set aside for those people. This obviously stirs conspiracy theories amongst those who would believe in them. Sometimes, when I was looking up at the sky, I think I saw something similar to what those men may have seen, but I was smart enough to keep it to myself, as the government didn't take kindly to conspiracy rumors.

Eventually it came time to move out, to strike out on my own. I had enough money to start on in the first place (thanks to summer jobs for many years), but I decided I wanted some extra spending money. There was a small flood in experimentation openings by the government. I decided to take offer on some experimental...something (I really couldn't understand the word they used, and no one else could either, later on I learned it was just gibberish), supposed to heighten the senses.

I still remember that day, completely. It was around noon when I arrived at the town gates (every town/city is surrounded by a wall around it). There were several other people there as well. The city guards began to separate us to each group, depending on the offer they were taking. I was placed with several other young men. They loaded everyone into trucks, and began to go out to wherever this place was. There were no windows on the truck. After several hours of boredom and idle conversation we were let out of the truck, inside of a large, white building. Everyone was given separate rooms, which were connected to a large lunchroom/meeting area. I waited in my room for what seemed like forever, before one of the technicians came in with a needle. "What is this?" I remember asking him. He told me with was an experimental substance, and I had no need to worry. Right before he stuck me with it someone else came in and stopped him. They talked for a small while outside of my room. He came back in with a different needle, and stuck me with it.

For the next couple of days we weren't allowed out of our rooms. It didn't matter, there was a TV, a bed, a computer, and a large machine that gave out food. I spent most of my time asleep, and many of the TV channels were blocked. Internet was extremely limited too, especially search engines.

-------------------I SHALL CALL THIS THE END OF CHAPTER 1-----------------------------