thought I should post up data about random'd characters, from navis-for-noobs and things for other RP's, to just character bios.

A warcraft 3 RP: Rick's Traveling Tavern.

Meet Rick, an ex-adventurer. You can tell he's quite a success, because he's wearing fancy armor, his bar tending area is covered with gold coins, and there are a ton of menus of exotic drinks. Rick is an immortal from long ago, who has, since, learned the secret of every alcoholic drink ever made. Being as rich, he can afford the special tavern of his, which is enchanted to move around with him, as well as keep his suppliers up to date of were he is. He has to move often because he has not yet found a town that can tolerate his customers. He has a special part of the tavern for the "regulars". The regulars eat, sleep, and mostly drink in this large VIP room. In return they are granted a couple immortality enchantments (Sir Rick forgotten how many he's gotten from random old sages and dragons). How did he start, you ask? He explains it like this: "This guy hired me to help him clear out a tomb of undead. The rogue he hired tried to kill him, nearly succeeded, but was killed. I just finished the job and looted his corpse.".