Majin Poetry

For theatre class, I must write a sonnat. I have two things here that I think follow the proper format, so post them I now shall. Lemme know if I screw up or just comment and review them. In any case...

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Sir Metaknight and the Good Ship Halberd

Battleship Halberd flew over Dreamland
Sir Metaknight could blow his foes away
Total takeover was what he had plan'd
Heavy Lobster kept the puffball at bay
But Kirby with the help of Dynablade
Return'd, stirring ship up like bee hive
Section by section the ship was unmade
Not even main cannon could survive
Pink menance then cut through enemy hoards
Finally reaching the commander's room
The final dual would be fought with just swords
Mask slice'd in half spell'd noble knight's doom
Kirby fled after the end of the fight
Nothing but broken dreams for Metaknight

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Guess Who? (Cutman)

Here comes the robot, scissors on his head
His weapons are blades and not a blaster
His main goal is to make Megaman dead
Since he is known as a Robot Master
He is from the very first Rockman game
May be consider'd outdate'd by some
But his power puts old robots to shame
His weakness comes from the one that is dumb
His color scheme is simply orange and white
His power will top Elecman with ease
Abilities are difficult to fight
He will cut holes in you just like swiss cheese
For all those here who do not understand
I tell you now I speak of the Cutman

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Vegito the Jawbreaker

The universe watch'd in panic and fear
As their final hope, a fusion fighter
Was zap'd by the Majin foe with a jeer
The threat to him now a good deal lighter
His only enemy ini weaken'd state
Victory certain against the new change
A mere jawbreaker, just food on his plate
One bit then continue his methods strange
Then suddenly movement from the candy
One blow to Buu's face before it then spoke
"So you thought you beat us? That'd been dandy
But try to eat us and you'll only choke."
A fightinig sweet? What nonsense would be this?
They will now battle for the planet's bliss
Metaknight and Halberd Mecha Suit FTW.
Getting your arse kicked by candy. How emberacing.
Not bad, not bad.
It doesn't have any internal meaning I can pick out of though. Oh well.
Darn it! I was just thinking about putting up a poetry thread...nice sonnets though.
I did for more today. Before anyone says anything, though, the last one is aimed at no one in particular so don't point fingers. If it offends you, though, then that sounds like a personal problem.

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Rockman X(better title at some point)

The future is here with one rocking dude
He is the first Reploid and goes by X
Sleeping for decades without any food
Awoke by Cain who the capsole did vex
He used the design to creat more bots
But soon a virus turn'd some Maverick
Now in way of enemies X has lots
He needs to destroy these socially sick
Lucky for him two strong partners has he
Beam sword weilding Zero will lend a hand
And transforming Axl later we'll see
A common enemy unites this band
All three at once form the S-Class Hunters
They will take down Sigma and his stunters

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Sages and Hero

Waiting for Hero sit Seven Sages
Light, Woods, Fire, Water, Shadows, Spirit
The last spot being secret for ages
Princess of Hyrule kingdom will fill it
A few years later hero awakens
After drawing the legendary blade
He now finds his homeland has been taken
Now must fufil prophecy that's been made
Hunting darkness, shining through the night
The hero travels, breaking temple seals
To purge evil, uses arrows of light
In his quest he will face many ordeals
For all his deeds he requests not a dime
His deeds are his fate as Hero of Time

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Pokedex Completion

Four hundred and seventy four entries
Cover the pages of my Pokedex
Transfers and online trading are the keys
For filling in spaces mark'd with an X
Nineteen more required for completion
Four hundred ninety three possible now
Right now my greatest fear is deletion
Level one hundreds make my friends go 'wow'
Most still missing are call'd legendaries
Also need two Silver starters
Raise your pets with poffins made from berries
Items can be used in trading barters
For those tough to catch use the Master Ball
And remember this, "Gotta catch 'em all"

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You Stupid Noob

You stupid noob, stop whining all the time
You stupid noob, here taste my Falcon Punch
You stupid noob, rip-offs shold be a crime
You stupid noob, I will eat you for lunch
You stupid noob, LOL* ain't a word
You stupid noob, stop with the WTF**
You stupid noob, your jargon is abserd
You stupid noob, prep character for death
You stupid noob, we all hate your fanfic
You stupid noob, your high score ain't that great
You stupid noob, stop with the triple click
You stupid noob, failing wil be your fate
You stupid noob, treating others with spite
You stupid noob, we want you off our site

* pronounced:  ele-oh-ele
**pronounced: dub-ya-tee-ef
I love all of them. I did a bit of poetry last year, but I'm a bit off it this year.

Although my favorites would have to be the LoZ and the n00b sonnets. The n00b one because its hilarous, the LoZ one because my name's in the title and I like the LoZ series.