Roguen's Drawings

Okay, Kitt first, since I drew her first. I didn't get the understanding of the camera too well, so it's a little weird. but it's really nicely drawn, the best I've EVER done.

Okay, now Jean. I was tired when I drew her, so she's not nearly as nice. But I drew her, which is something, right?

That and I was starting to get lazy. Excuse the leaves and the hands. >.>

Oh, and on the bottom, it's the beginning of that conversation. It was just before Jean got married that this conversation happened.

Jean: "Kitt, why is this picture framed?"
Kitt: "Because it's the only one where you're smiling."
Jean: "When was this?"
Kitt: "Right after he asked you to marry him."

>.> okay, shut up. I know it's lame. >.> But Mitsue (The real Kitt) was still alive at the time. Jean now owns this picture and its frame.
I love them both.