Bo Vs. Mini Marts

Look at the title, and many Users who know my work remember this. I am redoing it for the public, not that anyone wanted it redone. Now that the site is gone, the thread is gone so I thought people who didn't know about Bones past antics as a 14 year old, will get to see this and know why I am partially famous. It will be done better and legally this time, except that I could really use a warn. Gotta look hardcore for those new members, make em fraid of me.
Bo grabbed the cord of the PET, and unplugged it from his computer. His last soda laying sideways on the ground, and spilling onto the hardwood flooring. The mess was being furiously cleaned up by Bo using his shirt that he had thought about wearing today. He hung the shirt out of his open window, and left it there to dry. "American were out of soda now, I need to go down to the store and your coming with me."

((Working on it this will be referred as Intro.))