This story came from an RP I did with someone on WC3....It's about an little desert orc and a whole bunch of crazy junk that happens to him...Prepare to be wowed with boatmaking, dragon taming, and naga werewolves >_>....


It was a new day. Down in a remote deasert lie a small village. The hot sun shone upon it's residents through the clear blue sky. The village was full of orc, doing their chores and talking to one another. The blacksmith was forging tools, the farmer taking care of the pigs, and the milita guarding the gate. The village lied upon a cliff, were playful young orcs would go to stare out into the desert that is their home. Out into the distence laid a lush oasis, were they got their water.

Outside a home stood a small orc. He gathered buckets and barrels and headed towords the front gate. A guard greeted him "Sparks, gonna go fetch some more water? You only got some yesterday!". He replied with a simple smile "Oh, This is only an excuse to practice my boats." Sparky's dream was to be a boatmaker. He scurried out the gate, and smiled as it closed behind him.

After reaching the oasis be began to unpack wood he had collected from his buckets and barrels. He began to forge a small vessal in the oasis. He pulled out a frame from the nearby bushes and began to add layers of wood upon it. He finnished that portion within a half an hour, and had almost a raft to enjoy for a while. He began to patch up any possibly leaky spots when there was urshling in the bushed around him. Sparky turned around looked cautiously at his surroundings. Then out of the foliage appeared a red orc ontop a wolf. The creature growled while it's rider held a net. It was a fel orc that specilized in raiding enemy encampments, and he was eying Sparky. Sparky backed away, too shocked to think of a course of action. Suddenly heavy desert winds came in, blowing sand everywere. Sparked fell backwords in his raft, which began to sink. The hostile raider began to go twords the otherside. Then another, and then many. they couldn't see far in the winds, so Sparky got out of his raft and started running home. About half way in that direction the winds slowed. Sparky looked back and saw the raiders startin to come in his direction. When they almost caught up with him they stopped. Sparky turned ahead and saw the village gate. They were staying out of the rang of the watchtowers. The winds were blowing in their direction so the arrows had a longer range to them. The gate was opened just enough for sparky to squeeze in and then quickly shut. The raiders stared at the gate for a minute before heading off.