RevivedSin's Requests

I require one drawn Red Riding Hood.exe.
Name your price. I shall pay it.
This might take a while though.
Draw Red.exe standing alone in a forest, or blank space, forest preferred but blank space would be fine. Then Blues.ex comes and attacks her with his sword but Red says, "Muda da." and stops his attack. Then, out of the blue, Shuilong appears and Dragon Storms Blues yelling "MUDA!" continously. Then lands a finishing punch shouting, "ORA!" and Blues flies farther away, but Soulman comes in shouting, "ZA WARUDO!" and freezes time with his sexiness. Moonlight pops in and says, "TOKI WO TOMARE!" He then proceeds to shoot diamonds at Blues, but they don't hit, as they are suspended in front of Blues' frozen body. Soulman then mutters, "Soshite, toki ga ugoki desu." Time unfreezes, diamonds impale Blues and he tries to get up, but a chorus of navis offscreen yell, "ORA ORA ORA!" and then Drakkas comes down from the air on top of Falzer, and crash lands on Blues, deleting him, and Drakkas shouts, "WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I assume you're serious?
Yes, I completely am.
Not only would that be awesome,
it would be completely epic.