Jsk244 and his crazy stuff

Hey guess what? I'm actually drawing a little! I can't seem to do the full body, but close ups are okay. Check out these pics of some of my characters.

My navi Null of course, holding up his saber.

A mouse navi called Martin, maybe an enemy of Nulls, maybe and ally, don't know yet.

Raven, a navi made of shadows excpet for his helmet. Neutral in all things on the net.

Pike, I'm not sure what he's suppose to be really, maybe a ram? Evil all the way.

Eris, a weird fox navi. Evil and plenty of it. And old adversary of Null.

Well that's it for now. I might post more and maybe a story or two. Comment if ya'd like.
Heh, drew this while watching Heroes. Messed up though and made his ears too big. Funny drawing for ya'll. Null.EXE