(( first off, I would like to say thanks to Goroke for giving me the insperation and idea for this. I will also make a backstory for my NetOp and Navi. Yiu can post comments if you like. ))

Chapter 1: Birth of Teppouken

Several scientists were standing in a lab, examining their work. Before them stood a hologram of a new type of normal navi, one based entirely on sword combat rather than busters. One of the scientists said, "Do you really think that another type of normal navi is needed? I mean, we already have over 5 different styles, and netops can just use the sword chip." Another scientists replied, "Yes, but this way, sword-users don't have to waste their time slotting in a chip. Also, the sword model is much more powerful than th-"
"We got a problem!" said one of the scientists, looking at the moniter. "The new model has a virus, and by the looks of it, it seems to be... using the model as a host!"
"Meh!" said the first scientist. "Probably just a tiny bug. No stronger than a Metool. This model's advanced technology should have no trouble purging itself of it once it is activated."
"Agreed." remarked the second. "Let's save the data now, just to be sure."
"What should we do with this model, though?" said the third scientist.
"Oh, don't worry." said the second. "My nephew would probably be delighted to have a navi such as this!

Little did these scientist know that the "tiny bug" was just as powerful as the model's system. Much, much more powerful than a Metool.

Chapter 2: Yaiba's Big News

Yaiba sat in his chair during a test, chewing on his pencil. He was done already; he had been halfway through his time to do it. He looked around to see how far the other students were. Most of them were just about finished, but the idiots were just past halfway.
Typical. Yaiba thought. I'm the first kid done.... again.


The alarm went. All the student's handed in there tests, some faces looking very worried. The kids began to file out of the class, but the teacher stopped them.
"Class." he announced. "I have a bit of sad news for you all. I know it is the last period of the day, but listen. Your classmate, Yaiba Komayaka, will be transferring to a private boarding school until the middle of highschool- 3 years. I hope you all say goodbye today, and wish him luck at his new school." A large group began to gather around Yaiba, asking, "Are you for real?" and "What kinda school?". Yaiba just said, "Okay, okay. I know its sudden, but I want to go. Its a great chance for me to get a great education, and meet some new people. Don't worry, the teacher's right. I'll come back in 10th grade. Well... see ya!"
Yaiba dashed out th door with his stuff, running down the hall. He burst through the door, and nearly ran into a guy in a lab coat. He swirved around, and wound up behind the guy.
"What was that all abou- oh. Hey uncle!" Yaiba said. The man turned around, and smiled. He said, "Looks like I got here in the nick of time. If I didn't, I wouldn't have been able to give you this!" He handed a small box to Yaiba. It was very small, and had a lock on it. His uncle had already unlocked it, so Yaiba just lifted the lid to see what was inside.
Inside the box was a white PET, with some black trim.
"That," his uncle started, "is the prototype model for the new kind of normal navi! The first of many sword style normal navis! You should consider yourself lucky; I'm not supposed to do things like this." He smiled kindly, and added, "When we made it, there was a small bug, but we're sure its not to strong. The navi should be able to get rid of it on its own."
Yaiba looked down at the PET, and picked it up out of the box. He handed the box back to his Uncle, and looked at the PET with big eyes.
"Thanks...Uncle!" he said. He hugged his Uncle, and said, "Thanks for the great going away present. But I have to go now. I'll see you around!" He let go, and Yaiba's uncle watched his nephew run off to his house, where he would got to his new school.
"Be safe, Yaiba." he said.
Chapter 4: New School

Yaiba walked up to a collossal gate, whcih would be all that's peventing him from getting outside, once he got into the school. It was a huge school; about 2 blocks long, 3 stroies high, and 1 black deep. Yaiba rang the bell, and waited. The gate, by itself, opened very strangely, but Yaiba continued inside.

As Yaiba wandered through the hallways, he looked around. All he could see were
lockers, but he knew how boarding schools worked. Boys on one side, girls on the other. All for obvious reasons. He came up to the principal's office, and knocked on the door. He came to it and looked at Yaiba.

"Welcome!" he said. "You must be the new student, Yaiba Komyaka! Nice to meet you!" he lead Yaiba inside the office. It was very nice; it had alot of plants and a bunch of shiny things.

"Now." he said. "Here's the laydown for this school. No tresspassing into the other dorms, no fights, please no disrepect for teachers, and finally, lightsout is at 8:45 each night but Saturday. Other than those, just follow the rules that you normaly would, and everything willl be all right." Yaiba smiled and said, "Okay, thanks. I'll just be on m- say, where is my dorm?"

"Oh! Almost forgot!" the princpal exclaimed. "Its down the hall to the left. Here's your key!" He handed Yaiba the small key, and Yaiba walked out.

He looked around, and thought, Wait a moment! Did he mean, left from the office... or left from the entrance...oh well. Just take a wild guess. He decided to take the left from the front door, and walked down the hall.
It wasn't long before he came sprinting back the other way, running from the angry girls that he had accidentaly ran into! In their own dorm!

Chapter 4: Boarding School Ain't That Bad...

Yaiba sat down at the lunch table, with his new friends. It was a week after he came to the school, and already he figured out so many things. One, there were a lot of boys at the school that would be more than happy to be Yaiba's friend. Two, there were also some bullies at this school, who were more than happy to stuff Yaiba into a locker, since they knew he wouldn't retalliate. Three, and probably the most importantly, he figured out how much his friends in Electown missed him, judging by the number of letters he got.

He began to eat his meal thoughtfully- some chilly today- and thought, Boy, this is good food! SO much better than at school! He began to eat it pretty fast, as did everyone since it was so good.

All of the sudden, a large hand slammed into the back of Yaiba's head, sending him down into the chilly. He came out of it with it on his ears, around his eyes, and in his nose. He simply grabbed a napkin and wiped his face clean, then threw away the chilly. He sat down again, and began to banter with his friends. Again, the hand came down and smashed his face down, this time in his friend's chilly.

"Jeez!" the friend said. "If you like it that much than get your ow-...oh god..." He stopped dead as soon as he saw just who had did this to Yaiba. Nick Yung, the biggest, toughest, and meanest guy at school. He was the big bully at school. Then without provokation, he dumped Yaiba's friend's head into his own chilly. This time. Yaiba stood up.

"God Dammit!" he swore. "Why do you gotta do this to us?!"

"Why?" he replied, in a low voice. "Because I feel like it!" he shoved Yaiba back into the bench, but his stood up again.

"Okay, Nick." Yaiba said. "I'll challenge you to a netbattle. If you win, I won't fight back to you. But if you lose, you'll never bother me again. Got it?" Nick smiled and said, "Got it." They plugged their PETs into one of Yaiba's friend's electric thermos, and the fight was on.

Chapter 5: Activation- Teppoubug!

Both navis jacked into the system and awaited orders. Nick;s navi was huge: that's his main feature. He's called Steamroller, and his best attack is when he jumps over an enemy, turns into a steamroller, and comes down on them. He's all yellow, and kind of looks like a transformer.

Yaiba's on the other hand, was small in comparison. Teppouken, he was called. His main weapon was a beam saber that came in his normal state, and his best attack was simply a triple slash. Yaiba wasn't sure that he could beat Nick. Even still, he said, "Battle routine, set, execute!", and the fight was on.

Tepken drew his sword, and ran at Steamroller. Steamroller punched down at Tepken, but missed. He was grazed by the sword, and spun around to face his enemy. Tepken jumped at him this time, but was hit in a back fist from Steamroller. It was a very hard hit; Teppouken was sent flying across the feild. Fortunately, he got back up, and YAiba slotted in a Cannon. Tepken took it and fired, hitting Steamroller directly. Tepken coudn't see what had happened because there was too much smoke.

Suddenly, Steamroller, unharmed, cmae charging out at Tepken! He ran right over him, doing a lot of damage. Tepken wound up on the floor, facing up. He slowly got up again, and ran at Steamroller onc more. This time, when Steamroller tried to punch him, Tepken gave his a long cut up his arm, and jumped back.

Steamroller yelled in pain, and quickly turned his arm into what looked like a wrecking ball! He fired it a Tepken, who was too weak to dodge, and sent him sprawling to the ground.

"Okay!" Yaiba said, even though Tepken was still trying to get up. "Its over, you won."

"Yeah, but I'm not gonna stop now!" Nick said. "That puny navi of yours is so weak it deserves to be deleted!" Yaiba screamed, "What?! No!!" and ran a Nick, but simply shoved him back again.

"Now, Steamroller, finish him!" Nock said. Steamroller replied, "Understood!" and leaped high in the air. YAiba was stunned from the impact of Nick's force, and could only watch in horror as Nick's huge navi changed into a Steamroller and came crashing down. With the only breath he could manage, Yaiba yelled quietly,

All of the sudden, Steamroller noticed something weird going on with Tepken, and diverted his corse. Nick raged, "What the hell!? Why didn't you cruush him?!"

"He's doin' somethin' funky..." he replied. And he was right. Tepken had a raging aura around him, and was going through a metamorphasis. His armor changed from white to black, his jumpsuit changed from black to white, his skin grew pale, and he began to have a powerful, purple aura. He stood up slowly, and turned to face Steamroller, smiling evily. He said in a double-voice, "Ahhhaaaahhh! Now... where were we... oh yes... I was going to kiiiilll yoooouuu!!"

To be continued...
Chapter 6: Out of Control

Steamroller looked on, scared out of his mind. He kept trying to jack out, but it wouldn't work! Meanwhile, Tepken raised his hand to Steamroller. A black orb began to form around his hand, getting deeper and larger and darker with each second. Tepken just kept his evil smile, while charging his attack.

Right when he looked as though he was about to fire, the orb dissapeared. Steamroller relaxed for not have a second before having the pitch black beam pierce his chest and force him to the ground. Tepken walked forward, and Steamroller looked up from the ground. Even Nick was getting worried. But the most worried of them all was Yaiba. What had happened to his navi?!

Once Tepken had gotten about 10 feet away from Steamroller, he blurred and dissapeared. Steamroller drew in his breath, before having Tepken's hand shoot through his stomach, and disintegrate him from the inside out. Both NetOps couldn't see exactly what had happened because of the light, but it was clear what had happened afterwards. Where Steamroller was, there was a smoldering mark, and Teppouken was lying on the ground, back to normal but unconcious.

Yaiba sighed from relief, but was suddenly blasted across the face by Nick, who was angry as hell.

"You bastard!" he raged. "You killed Steamroller!" he wailed on Yaiba again, who was beginning to lose conciousness now himself. Again and again Nick punched, until teachers and other students were finally able to restrain him. Yaiba had already blacked out though, and was brought to the infermury.

Chapter 7: Expelled

Yaiba woke up in the infermury. He looked around, a bit dizzy. He asked the nurse, "What time is it...?"

"Oh, you're awake!" the nurse exclaimed. "As for the time, its about 9:00 in the morning. You slept all day and night since yesterday. I'm sorry that this had to happen."

"It's alright..." Yaiba responded. "How's Teppouken?"

"Oh, your navi? He's in a status chamber in the school's rehabilitation system. He'll be just fine, but do you have any idea what had happened to cause your navi to go berserk?"

"Berserk?" Yaiba repeated. "Is that what happened...? All I remember is that that wasn't Tepken. Usually he's shy, but nice, and he's a good fighter. All of the sudden, though, he just changed into something much more sinister than usual... it was aweful... but I'm glad he's alright... and what happened to Nick?" The nurse sighed and said, "He's going to be expelled from the school, for physical offence."

"What about me...?" Yaiba asked. The nurse had a sad look on her face as she said quietly, "I'm afriad you've been expelled as well, for also being in the fight. All of your friends said that Ninck was the one who did everything, and I believe them. I don't think that you should be expelled. The principal has his rules in place, though, and even he has to follow his own rules once they've been put down. I'm so sorry."

"It's alright..." Yaiba said. "I'm homesick already. At least I'll be able to see my old pals at my school again..." he turned to the nurse. "And thanks for the care and support."

Chapter 7: Outcast

Yaiba walked up to the gate of the school, and turned around. All of his friends that he made were there, all of them sad to see him go so quickley.

"Don't worry." he said. "We all live close by. I'll call you guys up, and maybe we'll see each other sometime!" His friends smiled, and one of them yelled, "Group hug!" All of them made a group hug, and waved at Yaiba as he got into the bus home and rode off.


Yaiba strolled up to his front door. He called, "thanks!" to the bus driver behind him, and rang the doorbell. No one came. He pressed the button again. No answer. He peeked into the window and said, "HeeelllOOOOOOooo....", and still nobody came to greet him. He opened the door, and went on in. He saw his family sitting at the dinner table, eating. Yaiba quickly put his stuff by the steps and went in. "I'm back!" Yaiba said, sitting down at the table. No one said a word. Yaiba looked from his Mom, to his Dad, to his older sister. No one said a thing, but his sister shot worried clances at him as if to tell him to be careful.

"Hello? Aren't you happy your son's back" Yaiba said.

"Well," he father said quietly, "we would be if you weren't expelled!" Sweat began to roll down his neck. HE hadn;t even thought about how his parents would react.

"Listen!" Yaiba said. "I can explain this whol-"

"You'd better." he mom proposed. "This sort of matter is not one to be taken lightly." Yaiba just looked. Were these the same, genial, caring arents he had all his life? Was one event enough to make them like this?

"You see," Yaiba started. "There was a bully at school, who was picking on me. So I challenged his to a netbattle. Something happened to Teppouken, and all of the sudden he was really powerful! That way, I was able to beat him in the netbattle. But then he started wailing on me because I deleted his navi, and because the rules say that ANY studnet in a fight deserves to be expelled, I was expelled. Doesn't that make sense?!" Yaiba's dad glared at him. "No." he said. "That story is the biggest lie I;ve ever heard. I bet that you were fighting just as much as the other kid was, and that's why ou got expelled."

Yaiba was shattered. His family wouldn't understand. If his family couldn't understand, then who would? His friends might, but they can;t help too much. Yaiba just stared at his father, as teares began to form on his eyes.

"You... I hate you!" Yaiba cried. He ran out the door, and down the street, bawling. His sister got up to try and follow him, but her father said not to.

"If you go," he said, "You'll get a punishment as bad as him." The sister stared at her father with complete contempt. She said, "You think he's a failure?! Thats the most hypocrital thing I've ever heard! You're the failure! A failure as a father!" She ran upstairs to her room, and locked the door. The mother got up and left the room, to go to the gym. The father really was a failure.