PA's requests

Request: Voltman with his visor and without.
Special Request: Must be a chibi.
Description: See reg. thread.
Artist: Lunarlion
Status: Taken, may be in progress.

Request: Volcanoman.exe
Description: Although his base image programming is that of a normalnavi, Volcanoman has some obvious programming changes. He was the second of five test subjects, a mix between a Volcanest and a Normalnavi. His coloring is red where green was, and black everywhere else, apart from his yellow eyes. Lava flows through his palms in what appear to be glass orbs, apart from the fact that they don't melt.
Artist: Anyone
Status: Untaken

Request: Rain.exe
Description: Another normalnavi test subject at first, Rain soon outgrew the physical appearance of one. She wears a tight blue jumpsuit, to accentuate her figure. She's very busty, and quite attractive. Also, she always has a light mist, or low cloud, around her feet. She is the third of five test subjects, and is a mix between a navi and a Cloudy virus.
Artist: Anyone
Status: Untaken

Request: Flora.exe
Description: Flora was very modest, deciding to not take the path of her sister (a jumpsuit) but instead a green robe. She is not as busty as her sister either, but that is not to suggest she's flat. She did edit her face to match her sister's, however, and they would appear to be twins.
Artist: Anyone
Status: Untaken

Yep. My requests. Metman's already done, sooo.... anyone else want to do one?
THE VOLT chibis are done and are now posted on my art thread.
I saw. And replied. And completely loved em.
And Rain has been done! By FC!
Yaaay FC!
Yaaaaay Lunar!
Yaaaaaaaay for anyone who completes my requests!