Kazu's Requests

My only request at the moment is a picture of Kazu. Kazu is a blatant self insertion, so consider this just a little bit of narciccism on my part (sp?) Mugshot, full body, torso, color, pencil, whatever, as long as it's cleaned-up enough to look finished-ish.

A picture of Titania/Oberon would be great, but for now I'd like one of Kazu. Penciled, inked, colored, sprited, tablet, whatever, though preferably not sprited.

Kazu is and remains a skinny asian boy with wild black hair, who wears too much black and stuff. The description that I linked to in my signature does him justice fairly well.

In advance, thank you so much to the person who takes this job for me.

And I totally did *not* sneakily mod-bump this topic.

Name your price in Zenny and I'll happily pay.
Just for reference, examples of what Kazu looks like can be found in the Post Thine Face thread.

But Kazu wears more black of course ^^