RE:RN Board Game

I had mentioned this once before, but I figured I'd put it here for everyone to see. It's still got a long way to go before it's playable, but yes, I'm working on a Battle Network themed board game. The basic concept will have a chess board as the battlefield (Larger than the games, but smaller than the open-endedness of RE:RN), with both players having a constructed deck that defines their actions.

Think of this as a TCG that uses a board for the combat system. Each player will have a set of action cards seperate from their deck (For movement, basic buster attacks, dodging, etc...) as well as a 30 card deck (RE:RN's size, and half the standard TCG deck size) that they build before hand. Deckbuilding restrictions will be based on the games (EG: No more than 4 of one card), and further effected by a unique character card for each player.

This hero card (Your Navi) will have all the information about your character as well as deck restrictions in one convenient location. The card has your Navi's battle stats, such as HP, element and subtype, buster stats, hand limit, and even a signature attack. The flip side of the card has the Navi's deck building stats, including Regular memory (For setting a regular chip), Mega memory (Max Mega class chips in deck), and Giga memory (You guessed it, for max Giga chips).

As I said, there's still a lot to do, and I'm trying to keep it simple enough to allow the game to flow quickly, while still being complex enough for the tactical elements of the game we know and love.

I'll post more updates as I come up with stuff, and I welcome any and all critiques and assistance.
The standard speed is three, which allows for three actions in a round (Sound familiar?). Each combat action you take is directly opposed by the opposing player's actions. Both players will choose all of their actions at the start of a round, place them face down in the order that they want to take them in, and then line them up to oppose the other player's actions (I'll draw this out and scan it in at some point).

The actions will then be revealed simultaniously, one action per player at a time. The results of the two actions both trigger (Again at the same time), and then you move to the next pair of actions. In the case of a player with higher speed (And thus more actions), that player will lay out all of their actions first (Still face down), and the "slower" player will square off as many actions as possible. This will leave some actions unopposed, and that's fine. It becomes a mental game of trying to figure out what types of actions the opponent will play and where.

My biggest concern with this system is that it always leaves one player flipping their action cards up in the wrong order (Right to left), so I'm not sure if this is how ai want to do this part. I could judt have it be a stack that you turn over one by one, with the "slower" player being asked which ones they'll let go unopposed, but then it's easy to mess up (Only the "faster" player should be allowed to ever go unopposed...).
The next step I need to do is figure out the starting decks for an initial test.

I looked up the starting decks from MMBN and MMBN6, and using the RE:RE rules I came up with what I hope is a happy medium. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this part especially.

Side note: Yes, I'm currently keeping chip codes in here, I'm not sure if I'll keep it, but I'd rather plan for it now and cut it if it's too much.

Cannon [A] (x2)
Cannon (x2)
Shotgun [N] (x4)
MiniBomb [c] (x2)
MiniBomb [L] (x2)
Sword [s] (x4)
WideSword [s] (x2)
CrackShot [*] (x2)
PanelGrab [s] (x3)
Recover 10 [A] (x2)
Recover 10 [L] (x2)
Atk + 10 [*] (x3)