Hey. I know a few of our site members play MTG, so I figured I could create a thread about it.

I, erm, made a Metalcraft deck, but I'm looking for input on how to improve it.


Creatures (26):
3x Memnite
1x Etched Champion
2x Silver Myr
2x Gold Myr
4x Trinket Mage
2x Riddlesmith
1x Molten-Tail Masticore
1x Platinum Emperion
2x Darksteel Sentinel
2x Chrome Steed
1x Darksteel Juggernaut
1x Myr Battlesphere
2x Auriok Edgewright
2x Glint Hawk

Instants (4):
3x Stoic Rebuttal
1x Dispense Justice

Artifacts (9):
2x Golem Foundry
1x Brittle Effigy
1x Mox Opal
1x Sword of Body and Mind
2x Rusted Relic
1x Darksteel Axe

Lands (22):
12x Island
10x Plains

Total Cards: 60