The road to elightenment is long, tedious and filled from beginning to end with obstacles, many made by humans. The approximate destination is known (to eliminate the need for physical possessions (arguably this will still leave several problems, but it will be a giant step forward)) but a hazardous journey stretches before us.

Although sounding morbid at first, we must thank our ancestors who have created problems, so that we may strive to learn and correct our natural flaws. I like to talk philosophy, but that's a discussion for another topic.

I was just wondering if anyone had noticed this:

Google's Project 10^100

The implications are simple, but the potential could be a breakthrough in improving ourselves. Kinda like that movie Pay It Forward.

So, those who I hold in high respect, I would like to hear your thoughts.

And for those with nothing decent to say, "GTFO". D :<